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19 Year Old Grain Whisky

A 19-year maturation process allows whisky to achieve a unique elegance. Over these 19 years, the spirit mellows, its sharpness fades, and its range of flavours grows. The cask plays a significant role during these 19 years, enhancing the whisky's taste and depth. The result is a 19-year-old whisky that offers a perfect blend of strength and subtleness, intricacy and smoothness. Every taste of this 19-year-old spirit celebrates its long maturation journey.

Grain whisky, while sometimes overshadowed by malt varieties, has its own story that goes back to the 19th-century spirit progression. The introduction of the column or continuous still during this time marked a significant shift. It enabled distillers to produce on a larger scale while maintaining consistency. As demand for spirits grew in that era, the role of 19-year-old grain whisky evolved. Initially, it enriched blends, but it later earned recognition on its own.

Unlike the standard malt whisky, a 19-year-old grain whisky incorporates a mix of ingredients such as barley, corn, rye, and wheat. The column still's efficiency means that the distillation results in a cleaner spirit with a higher alcohol content yet remains gentle to the taste.

Sampling a 19-year-old grain whisky introduces one to a delicate balance of vanilla, caramel, and toffee. The choice of grains and the ageing process in the barrel can add even more subtleties to this flavour profile.

It's worth noting that while malt whiskies often get more attention, the 19-year-old grain whisky stands testament to a rich history and careful craftsmanship.

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