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Johnnie Walker Red Label

(70cl, 40.0%)
Johnnie Walker Red Label

Awards for Johnnie Walker Red


Standard Blends - 2014

The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding

Scotch Whisky - Blended - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Blended Scotch - 2013

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding

Scotch Whisky - Blended - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Johnnie Walker Red Details

(Johnnie Walker)

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Whisky or Whiskey

Insider knowledge: Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky is named whisky by virtue of the fact it's from Scotland. If distilled in America the spelling would be Johnnie Walker Red Label whiskey, as opposed to whisky.

User Rating

Johnnie Walker Red Bottling Note

Red Label was created by the Johnnie Walker company in 1909, this is a classic blended whiskies, a great mixer and back bar favourite.
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Johnnie Walker Red (3cl Sample)
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Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

The nose is quite pungent and full. There are notes of heather roots, cut herbs, a touch of fresh fruits and honey. The palate is quite full and rich. There are notes of malted barley and potpourri, a touch of winter spice and fruitcake. The finish is quite long and pungent, there is a good smoke note with a touch of oak.

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User Reviews of the Johnnie Walker Red Label

As a consumer..

The star rating is given for the buy. By that I mean Red Label is a good all around scotch if you're strapped for cash. Neat it's a bit rough (but I like it), on the rocks it should be pretty palatable for anyone, and it's cheap and flavorful enough that you can mix it without fear. Don't buy Red label if you're looking for the Johnnie Walker experience, this is their bottom line. Not taking price into consideration and based just on flavor/experience probably a 5/10, but great for the money.

20th July 2014

The best blended whisky I tasted...

Rough, smokey, like a cowboy, the best 8 year whisky. The JW Black Label is complex, but too smooth, looks like you're drinking a juice or somethink; Ballatines 8 is the worst, being too sweet and fully alcoholic taste. Bourbons and JackDaniels are great but, in my opinion, they have a strange rich tutti-frutti taste, more present in Jim Beam. Chivas 12 is gracious and female whisky, it means a nice choice for impress the chicks.

12th July 2014

Just OK

Save your money and search for Famous Grouse, also 8yrs old but way superior.

6th July 2014

'Rough' and smokey, I think I have a new favourite.

I'm not really a seasoned whiskey drinker, yes I love a good single malt but they're expensive. So when I look for a blend I'm mainly after something that burns and tastes smokey. Its a really harsh and quite smokey blend that suits me down to the ground. I love it when they're rather rough for lack of a better term. I think I have a new favorite cheapie. Better than grouse anyway, grouse was too smooth for my tastes I'll give it a 7, its not going to rock your world but it is nice.

13th June 2014

Good Bye Famous Grouse

I drank FG as an everyday scotch for years until an idiot at an annual fishing trip totally defamed the label by getting thunderously tanked. So...As an excuse to try something new, I looked around for a casual end-of-the-day scotch to relax with friends and found Johnnie Walker Red Label. I was pleasantly surprised. I drink it over ice slightly chilled and it's little more complex than FG...With a little more body and a nice smokey finish. All I can say is Everyone's palate is different, drink what you like, leave the rest.

10th June 2014

What were people expecting?

The comment below... "everyone gives so much hype"?? Really?? I've NEVER heard the Red Label "hyped". It's the house blend in many bars and it's quality reflects that - decent, easily drinkable blend that doesn't make you wince if someone orders a mixer. This is a perfectly solid blend and, for the price, is very good value.

10th June 2014

First whisky

Random desire to sample some whisky see if there's not somethin to this drink everyone gives so much hype. So drank it neat, at first just burn, a little flavor, then urge to gag by the end. I'm still enthusiastic to keep trying new whisky.

2nd June 2014

Very below average whisky.

Very simple whisky. Nothing miraculous in taste and smell can not be foreseen.

31st May 2014

Texas Pete

Decent stalwart of the cabinet. Afforsable and versatile. Sometimes people would rather wear trainers walking to work, as there is no point wearing out the souls on the good work shoes.

18th May 2014


Jonnie Walker Red is a good whisky. It's dry (not maple syrup sweet like Bourbon), with that barley/herbal undertone you find in both Scotch and Irish whiskies and with just a touch of smoke and brine for a very tastey and very drinkable blended Scotch. It's good enough to savour but cheap enough to really enjoy. Beats Famous Grouse easy. It tastes much better than some of the mass marketed single malts too while being even more scotchy (than both of those Glens).

13th May 2014

johnnie red

Tried it and at first did not like it. Came back to give it another shot after my palate developed a little bit. Not a bad whisky. I'd rather have others, it has some good scotch qualities, very slight smoke in it, spices and a brief bit of f ruits. Not bad, if you're exploring might as well give it a shot. Very accessible.

25th April 2014

Noob but strange aftertaste

I'm a scotch/whiskey noob, have tried Tullamore, Bushmills, Crown, Jack, GlenLivet, Alberta Premium, and Johnnie Walker Red is in my opinion quite bad. I cannot drink it without noticing a strange aftertaste I have never experienced. I would be able to pick this out in a blind taste test, and that's not good!

5th March 2014


Don't drink it alone it's not nice just a cheap (ish) blended whisky. There are worse but all these sub 20 quid blends don't really offer you that type of drinking experience, it's the no 1 whiskey in the world remember but mainly due to the fact it's best with ice and a mixer I like if with ginger beer personally, and for that function it does job. On its own, I've had worse, but not something you would grab for a mellow wind down or to enjoy with a cigar, it's just it that sort of scotch,

1st March 2014

Worst Whiskey Ever!

I'm a Jack Daniel kind of guy, but I went ahead and bought Johnnie Walker for the sake of trying something different. Big mistake. This whiskey has a very weird aftertaste. So far I mixed it with different types of sodas and it still taste weird. Never again! And NO, I'm not a Scotch snob...just a regular Joe here.

1st March 2014

The only good whiskey for under $40

Only someone who doesn't know jack $hit about scotch would give Johnnie Red a bad review. And fyi the "smoke" is very faint, nobody normal would consider this "really smokey". Best scotch for the price, hands down. Bushmills??!!?? Jameson??!!?!?!? Famous grouse??!?!?!?! Just stop.

14th February 2014

From a newbie's point of view

My interest in scotch is just starting to grow, so I try anything to culture my palate; doesn't matter if it has good or bad reviews. Didn't quite appreciate my money's worth when I tried this alone, but it's amazing with root-beer or cream soda (amazing as in, I'd make it a point to keep a bottle of this in my room, if just to mix.) -M.G. (MNL, Philippines)

31st January 2014

The Family

At the end of the day..... Isn't it nice to have the full set?

21st January 2014


If you've never had any other whisky, you might be able to take JW Red with a cold coke and somewhat enjoy it. But the moment you taste anything else, you will gag when attempting to drink this. Potentially, it can be mixed with some other ingredients in order to extract some of its flavours. But be warned about trying to drink this one straight. Also, when consuming this, try tasting it before other stuff because I noticed that how hard I snap my head back depends on when I drink it. If its first I'm more tolerant. If I taste it after another better whiskey (say Teachers, Jameson, Tullamore Dew, Wild Turkey etc..) I tend to be more critical. Acrid & bitter, with a ghastly finish that leaves a bad taste in your mouth like the neighbourhood whisky bully. And you don't even want to know what morning-after a bottle of this feels like.

13th January 2014

Not great. Not quite as terrible as some would have you believe

Rough and fiery, but not lacking in flavor. Passable.

5th January 2014

First Scotch

Didn't have alot of cash and wanted to try something different. It's a little warmer than I expected. I personally thought that it was good, but bear in mind that I haven't tried Black or Green. It was an okay starter Scotch.

29th December 2013

Great with a nice cigar

The smokiness of this blend makes for a nice pairing with a fine stogie. I will find myself reaching for this more often than the black for a bit more of a jolt to my taste buds.

12th December 2013

Why even ask?

I always wonder why people read reviews and then get mad at the reviews. It's scotch - it's something for YOU to consume. If YOU like it then drink it. If YOU don't like it then get something else. Listening to what other's say about it is nonsense. Snobs or not - everyone has a different palette and what you taste may be totally different than someone else. Try the stuff and see if YOU like it.

9th December 2013

Under rated!

I'm in the anti-snob group here. I started my single malt journey a few years ago and have only been exposed to malts from $50-$200. I feel a little cheated after drinking this. It's pretty damn good for $21.99. There is nothing offensive about this, and those saying so are truly not experienced single malt drinkers but amateurs partaking in simple snobbery. Try this if you don't want to run through all your good stuff, and need a value daily dram.

22nd November 2013

Very Good Whiskey

This is a good whiskey. Try it.

19th November 2013

Great whiskey

It's smooth....I love it. Nice glass or two of red label on the rocks and I'm good to go. Fuck the rest.

14th October 2013

It's perfectly good scotch

Don't listen to these Scotch snobs. They think they're so... sophisticated. Look, Red Label is a good solid scotch, with more complexity than most of the lower-priced blends (e.g. Dewar's or J&B or Whyte & Mackay). Try it on ice, or with a little soda water. Love it! In fact, I think I'll have one now. Or maybe two.

9th October 2013

Red and Black

they were good enough Winston, Joe Namath, Christopher Hitchings, Dick Cheney, who am I to argue,don't forget the Philadelphia lawyer of the Constitutional daily.

29th September 2013

Get it in perspective

Many years ago single malts were almost unknown and Red Label was the standard while Black Label was the premier. I've come back to both of these recently and they are both relatively good value for the money and when you don't want the full single malt these are nice blends. My rating represents value relative to price.

31st August 2013

Johnny Walker Red Label

Not what i expected, there are better one´s on the market. Straight not very complex good for mixing and cocktails.....

19th August 2013

Johnny Walker Red

Best straight up on ice, the way Brazilians drink it; the flavor of ice combines well with pungent flavor of the whiskey which is able to overcome the cold; it's all about combinations with blended whiskey; Famous Grouse tastes like soap after 10 minutes on ice.

11th August 2013


im no snob but by god if u like this u have no taste buds but hey if its ur thing fair play to ya do urslf a favour go off ang buy urself a bottle of black@white vat 69 jameson bushmills black bush alll good blends

15th July 2013

It what it is

Cheap blend, ideal with coke, not nice on its own. Its not really intended fit this purpose, better than most cheap blends but not one to enjoy without a mixer.

12th July 2013

Elitists need others to tell them what to like because they have no soul

This blend is a steal, and my favorite. The elitists above need others to tell them what to like because they have no taste of their own. Sad.

6th July 2013

Character and Smoky, but not for snobs

Johnnie Walker isn't for snobby purists - it's blended" - it's for people who truly care about how it tastes to them and no one else. I always chuckle about the purity nonsense - it's alcohol people - not exactly a health food. LOL

6th July 2013


defo agree above me the frist bottle of whiskey i just brough to a house party at 4 in the moring eveing people drunk as monkeys called it piss doesnt say much about it

21st June 2013

Stop your kids drinking

if you have kids who show a curiosity in alcohol as most do at some time, and don't want the little buggers getting stuck into your decent scotch and watering it down hoping you don't notice, then take pre-emptive action and give them a taste of this vile fluid, telling them 'all whisky tastes this way'. this is a sure fire way to put them off for life

5th June 2013



15th April 2013

The sort only bought by aunties at Christmas...

Now don't get me wrong. I like a good whiskey. I like single malts. I like blended ones too. Having said that, this is below the line as to what I'd choose - EVER. In our house its used to make whisky sauce to go with the haggis and that's the only time the bottle is opened. I suppose I don't need to say much more.

25th March 2013

It's a decent whisky

This doesn't deserve such a low user rating, it's better than most cheap blends and is only criticised by whisky snobs because it's the best selling scotch in the world.

12th February 2013

Good value for taste

This was never really meant to be a whiskey to drink by itself, it is best blended with Coke or Dr Pepper in my mind. It's delicious when mixed, not as great alone, but still a good whiskey nonetheless

21st January 2013


If you want cheap good famous blends dont get this ashtray full of smoke. Id suggest jameson or famous grouse.

16th January 2013


I only dink this if I have to chose between it and Jack Daniels. Don't waste your money on this spirit.

20th October 2012

master touch

best befor the meal

22nd July 2012

red label old bottel +- 30year old

halo, een vraagje, wai is de prijs van zo een fles,aub de fles heeft een oude stopzel dank bij voorbaad. Nuus Hennie

19th June 2012


Take the advice of the name and keep on walking. bitter, oily, and very smoky. Nothing really makes it good. Very little redeeming character. I would not suggest drinking JW red.

28th October 2011

A discret entry level blend

One of the best quality/price blend. Smoky and smooth, is a good way to start the whisky road.

27th September 2010

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