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About the business...

We are a small, rapidly growing business based in the heart of Tunbridge Wells that includes a variety of brands, the flagship of which is, of course, Master of Malt. We operate in two distinct industries: Online drinks retail and business consultancy.

The culture here is one of hard work but also great fun. We like to think of our business as a creative, driven, fast-paced, informal place to work. You can turn up in fancy dress for all we care, as long as you deliver results, and with a relatively small workforce everyone is given big responsibility and trust and this means you can be a real driving force for us.

With so many avenues to explore there is room to tailor your role to your interests, passions and what you think will work. In many situations you’ll be entering new waters and as such will need to be prepared to try new things and push your boundaries. Our companies are described below:

1) E-commerce - an international online spirits and drinks retailer. We have been in business for over 25 years and have a range of thousands of single malts and other fine spirits.

2) Business Consultancy – has an impressive and ever growing list of clients including large institutions such as Barclays Bank, RBS, Zurich and Tesco, Atom Insight delivers technical and strategic projects for its clients to help improve business efficiency, increase return on marketing investment and to better understand their customer base.

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We are hiring!

Don’t see your job listed here? If you think you have the right skills and talent to work with us, send a CV and covering letter to – you never know, we may just hire you!

Marketing Manager
Network Administrator
Web Developer
Graphic Designer

Marketing Manager

Location: Tunbridge Wells
Salary: £35-45,000
Contact: Tom McGuinness (
Suggested Degree/Experience: Degree in Marketing, Business

About Atom Supplies LTD

Atom Supplies LTD (ASL) has been operating for almost 30 years, and has seen significant growth in scale and diversity in it's operation since a new management team took over in 2009 and injected new energy and capital into the group.

ASL has its core operation in e-commerce, the flagship brand of that operation being Master of Malt (MoM). In 2009, MoM completed its transition from being a high street and mail-order retailer to being an online-only spirits store. In the subsequent years MoM has grown to dominate that space, winning Online Retailer of the Year 2 years running at the World Whisky Awards, and Retailer of the Year at the e-commerce Expo Awards. Success!

In recent years a great deal of the growth and plaudits that MoM have enjoyed have been on account of the innovative products that we've developed and brought to market ourselves. In mid-2013, ASL formalised the split of the operation into distinct product manufacturing (Atom Production), retail (MoM, and other sales channels) and product distribution (Maverick Drinks) business units. Maverick Drinks distributes the products that are produced by Atom Production (example: Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Branded Spirits), as well as other brands for which we have the exclusive UK distribution rights (example: Few Spirits Distillery), to retailers (including MoM), wholesalers and export markets. Clear? Good.

Our ecommerce platform was built by our own fair hands from scratch, and we're jolly proud of it. We can confidently call it 'a platform' rather than 'a site', because, in November 2012, we successfully launched Our development of that platform is ongoing, and plans are afoot to extend its use into other markets.

As well as all that, we also have a Consultancy Business in our group. Atom Insight does all the things detailed here - We're currently doing them for 2 banks, 1 insurer, 1 wealth management solutions provider, and a spirits retailer (guess who). It's big-boy stuff...

We're a young and exciting business, with big ideas and excellent teams to deliver them. We can always do more, and do better, and that's where you come in. Be excited.

About the Job

We've achieved great success, but we can do better. We're nowhere near the diminishing returns at the 80/20 point (you should probably stop reading now if you don't know what that means), but we have gobbled the freshest and plumpest of the low hanging fruit.

We have a great team of marketeers (this is how we’ve done all the exciting stuff we have - I'll leave it to you to do the research to see what we mean), but it is a small team, and one that is in need of fresh leadership.

The Marketing Manager will be expected to own the marketing effort for, under the management of the Group Marketing Director. They will be expected to design a strategy, and to manage our resources to deliver it. They will be expected to review our capabilities and to execute plans to fill our gaps. They will be expected to 'take over', and to challenge our existing activity and processes, and to bring their own fresh thinking into the business.

We will expect the Marketing Manager to work within our capabilities, whilst simultaneously developing them. The successful candidate will be able to generate great ideas, but will appreciate that ideas are nothing without execution. They will have EXTREMELY high standards in delivery, and will manage their team to those same standards. They will be authorised to hire talent to fill our gaps, based on a supporting business case.

We are a business that is going places. It is CERTAIN that we'll need to grow the marketing team across the group next year. This opens up progression options in the marketing domain, up to and including Group Marketing Director.

About you

You don't suffer fools gladly do you? You’ve got some moxy about you, and you like to be in control. If someone tells you they'll have something done by a certain date, there's no way you're going to let that slip. Likewise, if you say you’re going to do something, you do it. If something comes up, as things tend to, and you can't deliver as promised, then you let that person know straight away and make them a fresh commitment. Sound about right? Good.

You will have a degree or other higher qualification in some kind of marketing or business discipline. You'll be able to talk to us about things you’ve actually done in your professional life. We're looking for proof that you're up to the job.

We're primarily an online retailer, so you do need to know about digital marketing. you don't need to be the authority on SEO, but you do need to know enough to direct the experts to deliver for you.

You are at the stage in your life where you want to work hard at something that interests you, in a growing and exciting business in which your efforts can have a visible and significant impact. You'll see that you can earn more money being one of many marketing-types in a larger business, in which your particular contribution will be less visible, but you prefer not to sell your soul.

Given that this is a marketing role, you are expected to be able to market yourself. Your cover letter and CV will be scrutinised more closely than they will for most other roles. We'll be looking for attention to detail on spelling and grammar and the aesthetic of your application. The content is your opportunity to impress us, and to sell yourself to us. Dull and unimaginative cover letters and CVs will be filed directly in the bin. Everyone says the usual guff about "working well in both a team as well as individually", and "having excellent organisational skills". We have developed a blind-spot for the usual platitudes, we want to be excited by the prospect of working with you. It's up to you how far you choose to go, based on how badly you want this job. Feel free to create an advert for yourself on Youtube if you think it will help. We want you to impress us.

We're going to set some kind of challenge as part of the recruitment process, so be prepared to give up some time for that.

Good luck!

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