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Lowland Whisky Samples

Drinks by the Dram has pioneered the concept of spirits sampling, allowing enthusiasts to taste a variety of whiskies without the commitment or expense of purchasing full-size bottles. Their 3cl samples are a particularly innovative offering, providing an opportunity to explore the diverse world of Single Malt Whisky from Scotland's Lowlands region. This area, known for its gentle, rolling hills and fertile soil, produces some of the most approachable and delicate Scotch whiskies, which are well represented in the curated selections of Drinks by the Dram.

Lowland Single Malts are typically characterised by their light and floral nature, often with a grassy note that is akin to the agricultural lands of the region. These whiskies can serve as an excellent introduction to those new to Scotch while still offering complexity and variety for the connoisseur. The 3cl samples from Drinks by the Dram encapsulate these qualities and provide a snapshot of what the Lowlands' distilleries have to offer.

Each dram is meticulously bottled and sealed, ensuring that the whisky's integrity and flavour profile remain as intended by the distillers. For those looking to explore the range of Lowland Single Malts, Drinks by the Dram's offerings might include expressions from distilleries such as Glenkinchie, known for its floral and light character, or Auchentoshan, which is unique in Scotland for triple distilling its whisky, resulting in an exceptionally smooth spirit.

The 3cl format is also an ideal way to experience the subtle differences that maturation in various types of casks can impart on the whisky. Lowland distilleries often experiment with ageing their spirit in bourbon, sherry, or even wine casks, each adding its own layer of complexity, from vanilla and coconut notes to richer dried fruits and spices. Through these samples, enthusiasts can savour the nuances and craft that go into each bottle.

In addition, these samples allow for the appreciation of older and often rarer expressions that may otherwise be inaccessible. Drinks by the Dram often includes vintage Lowland whiskies in their lineup, enabling whisky lovers to taste the effects of extended ageing on the inherently light Lowland style, often resulting in deeper, more nuanced flavours and an enhanced smoothness.

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