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Mezcal Amores

Mezcal Amores establishes itself as an artisanal spirit brand, firmly rooted in utilising traditional, sustainable production techniques to create its distinctive mezcals. Originating from selected terroirs and engaging skilled master distillers, the brand employs 100% natural and sustainable processes across its offerings. This includes utilising a mule-driven tahona stone for milling and conducting natural fermentation in open wooden vats.

Each product under Mezcal Amores reflects a conscious effort towards ecological and social sustainability. The brand allocates 20% of its net profits to various sustainability programmes and ensures a future for agave by planting ten for each one harvested. Moreover, they manage a nursery aimed at preserving heritage agave varietals and maintaining biodiversity.

Two notable expressions are Espadín and Cupreata, with each being carefully crafted to reflect the essence of their respective origins - Oaxaca and Guerrero States. The agave used, grown for 7-10 and 8-13 years, respectively, is meticulously hand-harvested, cooked with oak chips, milled, naturally fermented, and double distilled under the vigilant eyes of the maestro mezcalero, ensuring a product that is subtly distinct with each batch.

Mezcal Amores Reposado, on the other hand, provides a gentle introduction to mezcal, with its Espadín agave ageing naturally for eight years before harvest. The spirit, stored in American and French oak, acquires its sweet and fruity notes, respectively, and an elegant amber hue through a minimum of 3 months of ageing.

The Mezcal Verde, produced at a dedicated distillery in Tlacolula since 2017, is crafted from 8-year-old Espadin agave and cooked using ocote, red oak, and pepper tree, offering a balanced flavour suitable for cocktails. After undergoing traditional production processes, it is bottled at 42% ABV. Each batch showcases a unique label designed by contemporary Mexican artists, symbolising support for local culture and embodying the essence of shared enjoyment and moment appreciation.

Through deliberate and traditional production means and a commitment to supporting local communities and sustainability, Mezcal Amores offers spirits that not only provide a distinct tasting experience but also promote conscientious production practices.

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