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The Aurora Spirit distillery, where Bivrost is made, is in Arctic Norway. It sits near the Lyngen Alps and under the Northern Lights. This unique location is perfect for whisky making. They use northern barley, local plants, and water from ancient glaciers. Bivrost spirits show their Arctic roots.

Aurora Spirit's distillation process shows innovation and skill. They worked with Kothe coppersmiths to make a special still. This still can be a pot still, for some whiskies, or use parts of the column, for gin. For vodka, it uses all 15 plates and a five-meter tower for high-quality spirit.

The water used is over 5,000 years old. It comes from the Lyngen Alps as glacial meltwater. This water is ideal for making and fermenting malt. It is low in calcium ions, so it needs no treatment before diluting the spirits.

The distillery stores casks in NATO bunkers, close to the Arctic Sea. These bunkers were coastal forts in the Second World War. They have the right temperature and humidity for whisky to mature slowly. Here, the whisky concentrates the flavour. Because of the cold, the distillery uses smaller casks for faster ageing. They use various casks, including some from around the world.

The Arctic, home to Aurora Spirit, is the Earth's northernmost area. It has seasonal ice and snow and is a unique ecosystem. Flora, fauna, and local communities have adapted to the extreme conditions. This environment inspires the Bivrost brand. Each bottle captures the essence of this extraordinary place.

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