We’re not content with World Whisky Day 2021, so at Master of Malt, we’re celebrating a world whisky week. To kick things off, we’ve picked some of our favourite whiskies from around the globe and included an unmissable event for malt lovers.

It’s World Whisky Day on Saturday 15 May but we can’t wait until then so we’re putting on a week’s worth of activities to celebrate our favourite spirit. Come to think of it, every day is World Whisky Day here at Master of Malt.

We’ve picked some of our favourite bottles from the wide world of whisky. So there’s not just the big boys like Scotland, Japan and America, but we’ve included bottles from India, Taiwan, and a global blend. We were hoping to include a Welsh single malt from Aber Falls but sadly it won’t be ready in time. But we are hoping to get an advance sniff very soon, and as soon as we do, we’ll let you know. 

And finally, to watch as you merrily dram there’s the Virtual World Whisky Summit.

What’s a Virtual World Whisky Summit?

We’re glad you asked. This is an event put on by our friends at That Boutique-y Whisky Company (TBWC). It takes place on World Whisky Day 2021 itself, Saturday 15th May  at 7pm (BST), on all your favourite social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Youtube – click here for the full details.

Presented by two of the mightiest beards in the whisky firmament, Sam “Dr. Whisky” Simmons, and “Boutique-y Dave” Worthington, the event will, according to the press bumf, feature: “30 bartenders, distillers, buyers, writers and enthusiasts, live discussion with friends of Boutique-y, and the always silly Silly Games, there will be real talk but as many hijinks as highballs.”

Blimey! It all sounds fun. This is the second year TBWC has put on such an extravaganza so the team really knows what it’s doing. And if you’re stuck for what to drink, here are some suggestions:

What to drink on World Whisky Day 2021

J&B rare whisky Highballs

J&B Rare

One of the world’s great brands, it was created by wine merchant Justerini & Brooks specifically to appeal to the American palate, and landed with perfect timing in 1933 just after Prohibition ended. Since then, it’s become something of a cult, drunk by Frank Sinatra and appearing in Goodfellas and Mad Men.

What does it taste like? 

Deliciously fruity with toffee, walnuts and orange zest. It’s the consummate mixer but we particularly love it with ginger beer. 

Whisky - Amrut Fusion

Amrut Fusion

After some big names from Scotland and America, Amrut is the most searched-for distillery on our site. Perhaps because it was a pioneer of the single malt category in India, the world’s largest whisky market. This example gets its name because it’s a fusion of Indian barley with peated barley from Scotland. Clever eh?

What does it taste like?

Fresh citrus fruit, spice, dark chocolate, marmalade and mellow smoke. This is one to sip neat with old friends after a meal and let the conversation unwind.  


Kavalan ex-Bourbon Oak

Another pioneering distillery. Kavalan put Taiwanese whisky on the map. And no wonder as they had a certain Dr Jim Swan as consultant.  This release contains the same liquid as the cask strength bourbon-matured Solist but diluted down to 46% ABV with natural spring water.

What does it taste like?

Vanilla, coconut and banana with all kinds of spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. With it’s sweet flavour profile this would make a great Old Fashioned especially with fruit bitters.

Woodford Reserve Rye

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye

They do things a bit differently at Woodford Reserve using pot stills instead of the column stills more usually found in Kentucky. The distillery is branching out with this as it’s a rye rather than a bourbon. The mash bill is 53% rye with the rest corn and malted barley. It’s bottled at a useful 45.2% ABV making it a great cocktail whiskey.

What does it taste like?

Lots of up front spices with pear, cherry and chopped mint. We can’t think of a better whiskey to make a Manhattan with. 

Glenfiddich Fire & Cane

Glenfiddich Experimental Series – Fire & Cane

A peated whisky at Glenfiddich? You better believe it. Part of the Experimental Series, Fire & Cane was created in 2018 by malt master (not to be confused with Master of Malt) Brian Kinsman and features a peated single malt finished in rum casks bought from a variety of distilleries in South America.

What does it taste like?

Baked apple, sweet toffee and campfires. With its mixture of sweetness and smoke, we think it would make a cracking Rusty Nail, easy on the Drambuie

Nikka Days

Nikka Days

The blend from Japan is easy like Sunday morning. Notice we didn’t say Japanese blend as Nikka Days doesn’t meet the new criteria to be judged as Japanese whisky so it may contain some non-Japanese spirit. No matter, this is a delicious drop that melds sweetness with a faint smoke character to perk up your taste buds.

What does it taste like?

Lots of fruit like pears and melon backed up with roasted nuts and vanilla. This might be the ultimate Highball blend especially if you’re adding a fruit element.

The Glenrothes 12 Year Old - Soleo Collection

The Glenrothes 12 Year Old – Soleo Collection 

The name soleo comes from the practise used in the sherry region of drying grapes in the sun to concentrate the sugars so it will come as no surprise that there’s plenty of sherry cask deliciousness in this whisky. For many years, Glenrothes issued only vintage releases but most are now labelled more conventionally with age statements.

What does it taste like?

Stewed apple, vanilla, chocolate, tobacco and more spices than you could shake a stick at. Probably one to sip alone but we can’t help thinking it would make a cracking Rob Roy.

Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends

A whiskey inspired by the magic of proper American BBQ where the meat is gently smoked until it falls apart. Mmmmm falls apart. Anyway, to get that taste the clever chaps behind this blended Tennessee rye whiskey and sherry cask-finished peated single malt Scotch whisky. A maverick move that turned out really, really well. 

What does it taste like?

Wow! BBQ sauce and smoked meat with spicy rye and fruit notes. We’re thinking Mint Julep or even mixing it with Coca-Cola.

World Whisky Blend serves

World Whisky Blend

And finally, to celebrate World Whisky Day 2021 what could be better than a World Whisky Blend. Yes, this magical concoction is a mixture of whiskies distilled all over this great planet of ours. There’s over ten countries involved with contributions from Europe, Asia, the USA and beyond!

What does it taste like?

Honey, orange marmalade, toffee and vanilla. It’s a massively mixable drop but perhaps its favourite partner is coconut water.