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American White Dog Spirit

White Dog is the name for unaged American whiskeys. They might also be referred to as "Moonshine", and are a throwback to the days of yore, before American whiskey was aged. White Dog is the US alternative to what Scotch distilleries term "New Make" or "Malt Spirit", and typically offers a considerable cereal sweetness, and perfumed quality. It isn't as complex and rich as an aged whiskey, but offers a unique glimpse into the maturation of spirit, as well as allowing you to sample US whiskey as it would have tasted hundreds of years ago. With the upsurge of artisan craft distilleries across America, White Dog and Moonshine have become rather popular, as they give distillers the chance to sell spirit before it can legally be termed whiskey. If you're interested in American spirits, White Dog is well worth a look!

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