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Blend Your Own Whisky

To create your own blended whisky masterpiece, use the controls below to set the amount of each ingredient. Prices of ingredients vary, so keep an eye on the price of the finished blend to make sure it comes in on budget.

When you're finished blending, name your creation and click “make me a bottle”, or make a case of six and save 10%!

Before you start blending...

Blenders top tip...

For best results, we recommend you get a home blending kit to experiment with before taking the plunge with blending a full bottle.

The kit in all its glory The Home Blending Kit

If you want to try all the ingredients first, and literally make a sample of your own blend on which to base your recipe, we recommend you order one of our blending kits. These include measuring pipettes, cylinders, a flask, a nosing glass, and 12 drams including all the whiskies listed on this page.

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Start Blending!
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Speyside Single Malt
£0.60 per cl
Highland Single Malt
£0.60 per cl
Islay Single Malt
£0.68 per cl
Lowland Single Malt
£0.60 per cl
Blended Malt Base
£0.72 per cl
Very Old Single Grain
£2.01 per cl
Very Old Highland Single Malt
£1.73 per cl
Blended Grain Base
£0.49 per cl
0 ml
bespoke bottle
Bespoke Blends Look, a case of your blend!

Once you've made up your whisky, simply name your blend in the box below.

Name Your Blend 0 ABV

Or make a case of 6 and save
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Blend Your Own Whisky Instructions

Welcome to our blend your own whisky page. Here you can literally create your own blended whisky from a selection of top notch single malts and grains. Here’s how...

  1. Select the amount of each whisky you’d like in your blend. You can do this by using the sliders, or you can manually input the quantities. You will see how using more or less of each individual whisky affects the price of the finished product.

    The bottles can only hold 700ml of whisky. If you add any more whisky once the bottle is full, all the other ingredients will automatically be reduced, so you can never add more than 700ml of whisky to the bottle.

    If there is a particular ingredient you don’t want changed, simply click “Lock”, and only the other ingredients will be automatically reduced.

    Bespoke blend slider help
  2. Now you’ve created your whisky, come up with a good name for it. This can be your name, your brand name, a friend or family member’s name if it’s a gift, or anything else for that matter (providing it’s not too rude!).

  3. Click "Make Me A Bottle" or “Make Me A Case”. There is a discount for ordering a case of 6 bottles!


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