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American 6 Year Old Whiskey

A 6-year-old whiskey has spent ample time maturing, greatly benefiting from its interaction with the cask. This duration allows the wood to soften the spirit's high alcohol content, typically present in younger whiskies. Factors such as humidity and temperature at the distillery's site crucially influence the maturation rate. By 6 years, the whiskey showcases a richer hue and complexity compared to its fresher kin, yet it retains a sprightliness that will only transform further with more years in wood.

American whiskey narrates a tale deeply intertwined with the nation's history, innovation, and varied landscapes. Initially crafted by settlers using local grains, it has blossomed into diverse styles, mirroring America's differing terrains. For example, Bourbon, with worldwide acclaim, adheres to strict crafting rules. A 6-year-old Bourbon will have a mash with at least 51% corn and must age in fresh, charred oak barrels, lending it a signature sweet flavour.

Tennessee whiskey, similar yet distinct, undergoes the Lincoln County Process. This refining step bestows even a 6-year-old Tennessee whiskey with unmatched smoothness. Meanwhile, Rye whiskey, hailing from northeastern America, carries spicy undertones and must have a mash predominantly made of 51% rye.

Corn whiskey, one of the earlier styles, demands a mash predominantly of 80% corn. Even when matured to 6 years, it emanates a potent, grain-focused taste. A more recent entrant, the American Single Malt, is gaining recognition. Crafted solely from malted barley, it captures the forward-thinking ethos of American whiskey creation.

Post-Prohibition, the American whiskey domain is witnessing a revival spurred by craft distilleries. As they experiment with contemporary techniques, they simultaneously pay respect to time-honoured 6-year-old whiskey recipes and traditions.

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