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Sweetdram is an innovative liqueur company in the craft spirits industry. Daniel Fisher and Andrew MacLeod Smith, both graduates of Edinburgh University, founded it. They want to make delicious liqueurs. They avoid overly sweet and artificial tastes common in the market.

The company values natural production. They use high-quality ingredients and avoid artificial flavours and preservatives. This approach has earned them fans who appreciate unique, artisanal spirits.

Sweetdram's range includes distinctive products. They often use unusual flavours and ingredients.

Escubac Liqueur

Their main product, Escubac, is a modern take on traditional herbal liqueurs. It involves weeks of macerating and distilling botanicals like caraway, cardamom, and citrus. The result is a complex, aromatic liqueur, enjoyed neat or in cocktails.

Whisky Amaro

This liqueur blends Scotch whisky with herbs and spices. It combines Italian Amari and Scottish whisky, showing Sweetdram's innovative spirit.

Smoke Liqueur

A liqueur that embodies the essence of smoked pine and birchwood, highlighting Sweetdram's adventurous approach.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability and ethics are key to Sweetdram. They source responsibly and minimise their environmental impact. They also engage positively with their community.

Collaborations and Contributions

Sweetdram collaborates with the craft spirits community. They value transparency, quality, and innovation in spirit production.

Recognition and Awards

These unique products have received critical acclaim and featured in prestigious competitions.

Cocktail Culture

Sweetdram has influenced the cocktail scene. Their liqueurs are versatile for mixologists, encouraging new cocktail creations.

Sweetdram stands out in a tradition-focused market. They commit to innovative liqueurs that suit modern tastes. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and creativity, Sweetdram appeals to today's drinkers. They represent a new wave in craft spirits, influencing future industry trends.

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