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Smokehead Whisky is a modern twist on traditional Scottish single malts, a brand that has been stirring up the whisky world with its bold flavours and edgy marketing. Created by Ian Macleod Distillers, a family-run company that owns and operates a number of distilleries, Smokehead has become known for its intense peaty profile that speaks directly to the adventurous whisky drinker who is not afraid to push the boundaries of what a classic single malt can offer.

The inception of Smokehead can be traced back to a desire to appeal to a new generation of whisky enthusiasts, those looking for an alternative to the more staid and traditional expressions. With its strong, peaty flavour and unmistakable identity, Smokehead is a single malt for those who dare to be different. It has quickly gained a loyal following among those who seek out bold experiences and flavours.

Smokehead's core expression, simply called Smokehead, delivers a rich and powerful sensory experience. On the nose, it presents a rush of peat smoke and briny sea air, intermingled with hints of iodine and tar, invoking the rugged landscape of its Scottish island home. The palate does not shy away from power; it bursts with a fiery peatiness, complemented by notes of spice, citrus, and a touch of sweetness, like caramel and vanilla, to balance the intensity. The finish is long, smoky, and deeply satisfying, leaving a lasting impression that calls for another sip.

Extending beyond the core expression, Smokehead has released a range of whiskies that explore different aspects of peat and malt. The High Voltage variant amps up the intensity even more, offering a whisky that is richer, oilier, and even more potent, living up to its electrifying name. For those who appreciate a bit of nuance with their smoke, there is the Sherry Bomb, a peated malt matured in Oloroso sherry casks, which infuses the smoky spirit with dried fruits, chocolate, and a hint of nuttiness, proving that peat and sweetness can coexist beautifully.

Smokehead also engages its audience with limited releases that capture the imagination, such as the Rum Rebel, which finishes its life in Caribbean rum casks, adding tropical sweetness to its smoky soul. These innovative expressions not only provide variety but also demonstrate Smokehead’s commitment to experimentation and flavour exploration.

The branding of Smokehead is as distinctive as the whisky itself. The packaging features a skull, a nod to the rebellious spirit of the brand, and the marketing language is often irreverent and direct, speaking to a community that identifies with alternative lifestyles and attitudes. Smokehead is not just selling whisky; it's selling an identity - one that resonates with those who don't just want to follow the crowd.

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Smokehead High Voltage product image
Smokehead High Voltage
70 cl / 58% ABV
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11 Reviews
Smokehead product image
70 cl / 43% ABV
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52 Reviews
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Smokehead 18 Year Old Extra Black product image
Smokehead 18 Year Old Extra Black
70 cl / 46% ABV
Full starFull starFull starFull starHalf star
9 Reviews
Smokehead - The Rock Edition product image
Smokehead - The Rock Edition
70 cl / 43% ABV
Full starFull starFull starFull starEmpty star
19 Reviews