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Shinshu Whisky

Shinshu Distillery is in Japan's Central Alps. It is a key player in Japanese whisky. The distillery blends traditional skills with the bounty of nature. It offers a unique approach to whisky-making.

History of the Distillery

Shinshu Distillery, home to Mars Whisky, started in 1985. The Hombo family, in the alcohol business since the 1870s, owns it. They chose the location for its cool weather and clean water. Shinshu marked the family's full entry into whisky-making.

The Terroir

The distillery is 798 meters above sea level in Nagano. Its environment is like Scotland. The cool temperatures slow whisky maturation. This makes the whisky mellow, smooth, and full of the Alps' character. The mountain water used in making and diluting the whisky adds to its purity and taste.

Notable Expressions

Mars Komagatake Series: Named after a nearby mountain, this series is the distillery's main offering. The whisky is fruity, malty, and slightly smoky. It reflects the alpine environment.

Mars Tsunuki Aging: Some spirits are aged in their Tsunuki distillery in Kagoshima. This combines the characters of both places.

Mars Wine Cask Finish: Shinshu also matures whisky in wine casks. These limited editions blend whisky and wine tastes.

Shinshu stopped production in the 1990s and early 2000s due to less domestic whisky demand. They started again in 2011 because of renewed global interest in Japanese whisky. The distillery's focus on quality and innovation has led to its success. It is now a leading name in Japanese whisky.

A Commitment to Craftsmanship

Shinshu is committed to traditional whisky-making. While they have modern equipment, the core process is the same. They use pot stills and age the spirit mostly in American white oak barrels. They also use sherry, umeshu (plum wine), and wine casks.

The brand also focuses on being eco-friendly. They have initiatives to reduce their environmental impact. This helps protect the Alps for the future.

Visiting Shinshu Distillery

Whisky lovers can visit Shinshu Distillery. They can see the whisky-making process. This includes the distillation room and ageing cellars. The visitor centre offers tastings. With the Alps in the background, drinking Mars whisky is memorable.

Shinshu Distillery is a symbol of Japan's whisky skill. Each bottle shares the Hombo family's legacy, the Alps' purity, and Japanese craftsmanship. In a world where whisky is an experience, Shinshu stands out. It shows Japan's story of resilience, innovation, and tradition in every drop.

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