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Sacred Spirits Company

Sacred Spirits Company started in 2008 in Highgate, London. Ian Hart and Hilary Whitney founded this craft distillery. It stands out for its use of vacuum distillation and organic botanicals. This small distillery has made a big impact, changing traditional methods and making artisanal spirits.

Origins and Philosophy

Sacred Spirits began with passion, knowledge, and a willingness to try new things. Ian Hart, a natural sciences expert, began distilling at home. The company focuses on high-quality, organic ingredients. It uses a unique distillation approach to keep the character of each botanical.

Vacuum Distillation

Sacred Spirits uses vacuum distillation. This is different from traditional high-heat methods. Vacuum distillation happens at lower temperatures. This keeps the natural flavours and scents of the botanicals. Sacred Spirits was one of the first to use this method for commercial spirits.

Sacred Gin

Sacred Gin is the distillery's main product. It uses 12 organic botanicals, including juniper, cardamom, and Frankincense. Sacred Gin is known for its complex aroma and smooth taste. Each botanical is distilled separately and then blended. This allows for more control than in traditional gin making.

Expansion of the Product Range

After its success, the distillery added more products. This includes vodka, whisky, vermouth, and aperitifs. They make these with the same care as their gin. The distillery also makes limited edition spirits with unique flavours.

Environmental Commitment

The brand focuses on sustainability. It uses organic ingredients and vacuum distillation. These practices are good for the environment. The distillery tries to minimise waste and energy use.

Craft Distillery Movement

Sacred Spirits is part of the craft distillery movement. This movement values artisanal methods, small batches, and a hands-on approach. Consumers like unique, locally made spirits with a clear identity.

Global Recognition

Despite its size, Sacred Spirits has won international awards. Its innovative methods and quality spirits have earned it a place in the artisanal spirits world.

Community and Education

Sacred Spirits connects with its local community and the wider spirits world. It offers tastings and tours. These events teach people about distillation and the company's methods. They help people understand and appreciate artisanal distilling.

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