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North Star Spirits

Iain Croucher, experienced in the whisky industry, founded North Star Spirits. He wanted to share unique spirits and explore Scotch whisky flavours. The company focuses on choosing high-quality casks from different distilleries. Each cask is picked for its unique traits and potential to offer something special.

Portfolio of Whiskies and Spirits

The brand has a wide range of single malt and grain whiskies, blended malts, rum, and gin. Their spirits vary in age, region, and flavour. They range from young and vibrant to mature and complex. Each bottle is the result of careful cask selection.

Independent Bottling and Cask Strength

North Star Spirits specialises in independent bottling, often at cask strength. This approach keeps the spirit's true essence, without dilution. Cask-strength bottlings are popular for their intense flavour. North Star Spirits' releases show each cask's unique characteristics.

Limited Edition Releases

Many of the bottlings are limited editions. These are sought after by collectors. Limited runs, often from a single cask, capture unique ageing and flavour aspects.

Sourcing and Collaboration

The brand works with distilleries and cask suppliers. This collaboration gives them access to rare and interesting casks. It reflects their commitment to exploring and celebrating Scotch whisky diversity.

Sustainability and Innovation

The brand emphasises sustainability and responsible sourcing. They focus on environmentally friendly practices in bottling and packaging. This aligns with consumer demand for sustainable and ethical spirits.

Global Reach

Their products are available in international markets. This has introduced their independently bottled spirits to a global audience.

Tasting and Appreciation

North Star Spirits hosts tastings and events. These let enthusiasts sample their spirits. They provide insight into cask selection and flavour nuances from different casks.

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