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Michel Couvreur

Michel Couvreur Whisky tells a unique story of whisky making between Scotland and France. Michel Couvreur, originally from Belgium, moved to Burgundy, France, in the 1960s. There, he started ageing whisky, combining tradition with innovation.

The special part of the whiskies is their ageing in Burgundy, known for its wines. Couvreur believed that great whisky comes from how it ages, especially in the casks. He used fine Scotch whisky and aged it again in Burgundy. This was in selected wine and sherry casks, some over 100 years old. This method adds complexity to the whisky, blending Scotch's smokiness with French wine's subtlety.

The whiskies age in the unique Couvreur cellars. These old caves were once for wine. They now offer a perfect setting for whisky to mature slowly. The stable temperature and humidity in these caves add special qualities to the whisky.

Each cask is watched closely. The whisky is moved or bottled when it matures perfectly. There is no set time for this. Time is an ingredient here, and patience is key.

Michel Couvreur passed away in 2013. His legacy lives on in these whiskies. The current team keeps his high standards. They look after the whisky's slow maturation and the casks.

The range includes different whiskies, each with its own character. The "Overaged Malt Whisky" is a mix of single malts aged 12 to 27 years. It has a rich, wine-like taste. The "Peaty Overaged" mixes sea-air peatiness with the casks' sweet dryness. There's a Michel Couvreur whisky for every taste.

Drinking Michel Couvreur whisky is more than tasting a drink. It's about experiencing a maturation journey across places and time. It's a sip of history, tradition, and quality. It shows Michel Couvreur's pioneering work and his commitment to making exceptional whisky.

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