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Compagnie Des Indes Rum

Compagnie Des Indes stands out in the world of spirits. They focus on a unique collection of rums. Their name means "East India Company" in French. This name reflects the historic sea journeys and trade of the past. The brand brings together top rums from different places, each with its own tale and style.

This company aims to show the real qualities of rums from various countries and makers. Florent Beuchet, the founder, values traditional distilling methods. These methods give each rum its special taste. The company chooses rums that are not just high-quality but also represent their origins. They offer a taste of the local culture and history.

The company has single cask rums and blends. The single cask rums are natural, often at full strength, and without extra colour or sweeteners. These rare rums are popular among experts. They show the pure skill of each distillery. The blends show Beuchet's talent in mixing different rums to create new flavours.

Their range includes both fresh and aged rums. Some come from distilleries that have closed, making them unique. Each bottle has a story, from Caribbean sugarcane fields to European ageing cellars.

The labels on their bottles are as detailed as the rums inside. They tell about the rum's origin, how it was made, and aged. This gives buyers confidence and honours the art of rum making.

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