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Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2017: Lotteries and Charity Auctions

The enormously popular Buffalo Trace Antique Collection is back for 2017! Once again we’ll be splitting our allocation between a 30ml dram lottery, a bottle lottery, and a charity auction (with profits over RRP donated to Malaria No More UK). After all, we want as many people as possible to taste the good stuff, while doing some good!

To find out when this is all going down, see the timeline below.

As some of you may recall, our ‘first-come-first-serve’ method caused some, erm, drama back in 2015, so last year we decided to implement a brand new system – splitting our entire Buffalo Trace Antique Collection allocation between 30ml drams, bottle lotteries, and charity auctions. That meant hundreds of you had the chance to taste the goods. Because, after all, it exists to be enjoyed!

This year, we have 6 bottles of George T. Stagg Bourbon (2017 Release), 6 bottles of William Larue Weller (2017 Release), 3 bottles of Eagle Rare 17 Year Old (2017 Release), and 3 bottles of Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye Whiskey (2017 Release). The eagle-eyed among you will note that Sazerac 18 doesn’t feature on the list this year. We’re doing our best to source some amid some bottling issues, and if and when we are successful you will be the first to know.

While we are, as ever, super grateful for the allocation, handling these kinds of extraordinarily sought-after whiskeys means that unfortunately a great many of you will be left disappointed no matter which way we split it.

Last year 3,490 people entered the Buffalo Trace dram lotteries last year, with only 260 drams available. A total of 7,464 people entered the bottle lotteries, with only 11 bottles available. We invite you to read our previous post for an in-depth explanation as to why we settled on this three-pronged process.

Behold the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2017

In summary, the stock will be sorted into three even piles (one or two bottles each, depending on allocation):

  • Pile A will be sent to Drinks by the Dram to turn into 30ml samples (drams), so that as many people as possible can taste it
  • Pile B will be sold via lottery, and on the back you bottle we’ll write “I, [your lucky winning name], hereby swear not to sell this bottle – but to drink it with my chums. May my taste-buds and olfactory bulb shrivel and die if I should break my word.”
  • Pile C will be sold via auction with everything over RRP (net of any applicable VAT) donated to charity

Last year, the auction raised more than £4,000 for Malaria No More UK. That’s enough to buy, deliver and hang more than 400 mosquito nets! Your love of whisky is literally helping thousands of children sleep safely, and fight this horrendous disease. We think that’s pretty amazing.

Also worth a mention: with the exception of a single 30ml sample of each release kept aside for our own tasting notes, we’re making every single drop available to you all. For reference, here’s our stockholding policy. We’ll never hoard bottles, it’s just not cricket.

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Lottery and Auction Timeline

All the action will take place on the individual product pages, to the following timetables. You’ll need to register in advance, which is easily achieved in just a few clicks from each page.

For the avoidance of doubt, all times are GMT. Set those watches/alarm clocks/cockerels if you feel the need.

Dram Lotteries
Monday 18 Dec 16:00 – Tuesday 19 Dec 14:00

– We received a combined total of 3,192 entries, fairly evenly split between the whiskeys, for only 140 drams!

Bottle Lotteries
Tuesday 19 Dec 16:00 – Wednesday 20 Dec 14:00

– We received a combined total of 3,644 entries, again fairly evenly split between the whiskeys, but for only 6 bottles!

(apologies that some of you didn’t receive an email confirming whether you were a winner or not for both rounds of lotteries)

Bottle Charity Auctions
Wednesday 20 Dec 16:00 – Friday 22 Dec 14:00

After which, we can go and recover from the excitement of it all and have a lovely Christmas!

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18 comments on “Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2017: Lotteries and Charity Auctions”

  1. Steve says:

    If I’m lucky enough to get a chance at a bottle, you can print a picture of my face on the bottle as it’ll be opened around 5 minutes after receiving it 🖒

  2. Kenny says:

    What are the actual splits? I.e. for the Stagg are the 6 becoming 3 bottles, 2 bottles of drams and 1 for auction? Or are you leaning more towards 4/6 for drams and 1 for lottery/auction?

    1. Kristiane Sherry says:

      Hello there! We’ve split everything into equal thirds, so either one or two bottles of each (depending on allocation) is earmarked for dram lottery, bottle lottery, and charity auction.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Kenny says:

        I think more of your customers would rather you only auctioned one bottle of each. As much as the charitable side provides a good donation to the charity you’ve chosen, making 1/3rd of the allocation to auction immediately puts that bottle out of reach of 95% of your customer base.

        1. Kristiane Sherry says:

          Hi Kenny, thanks for your message and the feedback. There’s a blog post explaining the thinking behind this in more detail here: https://www.masterofmalt.com/blog/post/allocations-limited-releases-bastards-speculators-and-gobshites.aspx

  3. Joe says:

    was lucky enough to win a full bottle last year and two of my mates won a sample each, let the good fortune return for this year, good luck everyone!

  4. A grand opportunity, may the best man (or woman, everyone regardless of gender, can appreciate these fine liquids) win a wonderful bottle.

    May every drop be shared, may every ounce won spark a lovely conversation, may every thought of these bottles bring whisky enthusiasts closer together, in the hope of enjoying this art.

    In short, may this be enjoyed.

  5. Andy says:

    I’ve added myself to the wishlist does that mean I’m in the lottery for eagle rare 2017 . What happens when it’s time to start lottery.

    1. Kristiane Sherry says:

      Hi Andy – you’ll need to register on the product pages; there’s a box with the details to the right-hand side. Good luck!

  6. Ryan Smith says:

    Having difficulty figuring out the “pre-registration” for the lotteries on each product page with a “few simple clicks”… How s this done?!?!
    The time is now, and i don’t know what to do!!!

    1. Ryan Smith says:

      I guess i was a bit early (excited)…just popped up! Good luck all!

  7. Joel S Hansen says:

    I just wondered when the winners will be chosen and notified?

    1. Kristiane Sherry says:

      Hi Joel, we will email those successful in the dram lottery shortly, and the bottle lottery participants will get a message soon after it closes. Good luck!

  8. Neil Wright says:

    I received this email notification at 11.03 on 20th!!

  9. Phillip Thorpe says:

    How will we be notified?

    1. Kristiane Sherry says:

      Hi Phillip, we’ll email those successful in the lotteries shortly after they close. Fingers crossed for you!

      1. Susan says:

        I got e-mails about the bottle lottery – didn’t win 🙁

        But no e-mails about the dram lottery which seems odd as that was the first one – have they gone out too ?

  10. Bob Dotson says:

    Looks like we eceived information and invitation to participate after most of the lotteries are complete? Very disappointed I did not hear in time. Maybe next year?

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