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23 Year Old Grain Whisky

For two decades and three years, whisky undergoes a transformative journey. A 23-year-old whisky holds a special place, with its deep flavours and aromas developed over time. The result is a drink that provides a rich yet refined experience.

In the wide world of whiskies, the story of grain whisky has roots in the 19th century's technological advancements. The column still, introduced during this era, changed the game, offering a faster approach compared to the slower pot stills. This innovation catered to a growing demand, and soon, the 23-year-old grain whisky became known, subtly enhancing blends with its unique character.

Describing it simply as 'grain whisky' might not do justice to the intricacies of its making. Grains, including sweet corn, sharp rye, soft wheat, and traditional barley, all contribute to the essence of a 23-year-old grain whisky. Thanks to continuous distillation in the column still, the spirit is clean and free from many impurities.

When you taste this 23-year-old whisky, you're met with a gentle array of flavours. Predominant grain tastes are enriched with nuances of vanilla, caramel, and a touch of oak from its long stay in barrels. Every sip of this 23-year-old grain whisky is a testament to the delicate balance of simplicity and depth.

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