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23 Year Old Blended Malt Whisky

A 23-year-old whisky showcases the magic of time. Each year has gently shaped its character, resulting in a drink that's rich and captivating, a testament to prolonged maturation.

Blended malt whisky combines single malts from several distilleries. This stands apart from blended whisky, which mixes single malts and single grains, and from single malt whisky, which is the produce of just one distillery. A 23-year-old blended malt preserves the core features of malt and introduces a range of flavours.

The responsibility of crafting these blends lies with master blenders. They carefully select single malts, considering their age, place of origin, cask properties, and taste profiles. The goal is to blend these elements into a consistent, rich flavour. Even though the single malts chosen may come from different places, they might share the same or diverse whisky-producing regions, adding to the blend's unique taste.

Blended malt whisky offers varied tastes. Some might detect the strong, peaty notes of Islay malts, while others may pick up on the gentle, fruity hints typical of Speyside malts. This variety is due to the assortment of single malts chosen for the blend. Achieving a consistent flavour in a 23-year-old blend across different batches requires skill and a deep understanding of malt interactions. The age mentioned on blended malt labels reflects the youngest whisky used, as is the industry standard. However, these blends might also have older whiskies, adding layers of maturity to the taste.

From a pricing perspective, blended malts, especially those aged as a 23-year-old whisky, offer excellent value. They capture the nuanced tastes associated with single malts but often come at a friendlier price, making them a favoured option for both dedicated whisky enthusiasts and newcomers.

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