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10 Year Old Grain Whisky

After ten years in the cask, whisky reveals a depth that is both strong and refined. This 10-year-old whisky has seen its initial zest mellow down, allowing the cask's characteristics to come forward. This period marks a significant stage in the whisky's evolution, highlighting the wonders that a decade can achieve.

Grain whisky, often eclipsed by its malted counterpart, carries an interesting history as rich as its flavour. Its beginnings date back to the 19th century, a time of notable innovation in the distilling world. A pivotal moment was the creation of the column still, sometimes referred to as the patent or continuous still. This ingenious device allowed for quicker, more uniform, and larger-scale production of 10-year-old whiskies and beyond, meeting the growing thirst of the times. As a result, grain whisky slowly emerged, initially supporting blended whiskies but eventually gaining recognition on its own merits.

In contrast to malt whisky, which strictly uses malted barley, grain whisky offers a broader palette of ingredients. This 10-year-old whisky variant can be crafted from barley, corn, rye, or wheat, each lending its distinct flavour profile. The continuous distillation process, powered by the column still, stands out from the traditional pot still method. It works without interruption, taking in a steady wash input. This results in a purer spirit with a higher alcohol percentage, capturing a more delicate grain essence.

Sampling a 10-year-old grain whisky is somewhat like appreciating fine, subtle art. These whiskies typically present a gentler profile. Common tasting notes include hints of vanilla, caramel, and toffee, owing much to the chosen grains and a decade-long maturation in oak barrels. Depending on the mix of grains, one might also pick up traces of fruit, floral notes, or a slight spice kick.

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