Reference Series I Whisky 50cl

Scotch Whisky • 50cl • 47.5%
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Reference Series I
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Country Scotch Whisky
Distillery/Brand Reference Series
Style Blended Malt Whisky

Reference Series I

What's all this awesomeness then? Why, it's is the first bottling from a new, delicious and educational brand of blended malts! As you move through the series from I, to II, to III, the proportion of older, exciting and super yummy whisky goes up, with all three releases being made up of the same whiskies, just in different quantities. Reference Series I has a core of youthful, clean blended malt and is top dressed with an older, more complex blended malt as well as a pair of incredible, well-aged single malts.

Extensions (I.1, I.2 etc.) then showcase different additional ingredients and techniques, a Sherry cask finish, or the addition of caramel, for example. This will allow you to refer back to the original 'control' whisky and appreciate exactly how these specific changes translate in your glass.

Read more about the Reference Series here on our blog.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Perfumed malt, fresh citrus hints, menthol, custard and meatiness. Oats, thyme honey, Jelly Tots and apple juice.

Palate Barley and Champagne, heading into bread and butter pudding territory. Dry Sherry too and some late sweetness.

Finish Dry and subtle with bread and also herbal notes clinging on for some time with a little dry vermouth character.

Overall Here's where it all starts: Reference Series I. A fantastic blended malt in its own right, and the first control whisky in some fascinating ongoing whisky experiments!

Winner of 1 spirit awards

Scotch Whisky - 2014
The Global Design Masters

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Reviews for Reference Series I
Young, fast and fruity.
I came to this late but love the concept and Reference 1 does not disappoint. Fruity, with lots of taste but as you'd expect doesn't linger as long. A whisky to drink rather than savour but nothing wrong with that.
Finlay S , United Kingdom
one year ago
Crunchy Nut Cornflakes
Very gristy, obviously quite young, but with a strong backbone of old stuff too. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Love the concept, too.
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
Amazing Idea
I love the concept of this range, and the way that the whiskies change as they get more older stock in them. 1 is obviously a quite young whisky but the flavours of the older whiskies are still there. More please.
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago