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1935 Vintage Whisky

The Whisky Recovery Post-Prohibition

In 1935, geopolitical tensions were simmering, with Adolf Hitler violating the Treaty of Versailles by reintroducing military conscription in Germany. Meanwhile, the U.S. was still grappling with the Great Depression, although some recovery was evident. Social Security was signed into law, providing a safety net for American workers. In Asia, the Second Sino-Japanese War was on the horizon, setting the stage for broader conflicts.

1935 was a landmark year for whisky aficionados, as it marked the second year after the end of Prohibition in the United States. Distilleries, having survived by producing "medicinal" whisky, were back in full swing, focusing on quality and taste. Blended whiskies became a popular choice, offering a smoother, more palatable experience for the post-Prohibition crowd. Canadian whisky, which had flourished during Prohibition, also saw increased competition from American bourbons and scotch. Collectors of vintage whisky today consider 1935 a pivotal year, symbolic of resilience and resurgence.

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