Super-Peaty Whisky Tasting Set 15cl

Scotch Tasting Set • 15cl • 46.3%
Product details
Super-Peaty Whisky Tasting Set
Region Other Scotch Tasting Set
Distillery/Brand Drinks by the Dram
Style Single Malt Tasting Set

Super-Peaty Tasting Set

There's nothing like a huge, muscular whisky, packed full of peat. A whisky tasting set for lovers of massively smoky, peaty whiskies, the Super-Peaty Whisky Tasting Set is a box of five 3cl samples from Drinks by the Dram. These showcase some of the world's most intense, smouldering, fiery beasts!

Very occasionally, we need to make changes to tasting sets, so contents are subject to change. Rest assured that, in the unlikely event of change, the set will include 5 superb drams of equivalent (or greater) value to those listed.

Super Peaty Whisky Tasting Set Contents

- Lagavulin 8 Year Old

- Port Askaig 8 Year Old

- Connemara Peated

- Laphroaig 10 Year Old Cask Strength - Batch 013

- Peat Bomb 8 Year Old

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Super-Peaty Whisky Tasting Set
Super peaty tasting set
Bought as a birthday present and, I’ve been told, excellent wide-ranging selection of whisky. First one tasted got 5 stars from the birthday boy. So impressed I’ve ordered two more sets.
Mrs. B W , United Kingdom
5 months ago
Well my birthday this year transpired to be a rough rock on which to land. 52 years of age and my partner decided to leave the relationship. Not one to drown my sorrows I will move on with life and eventually love again.

A few days after my birthday my beloved daughter offered me a wonderful gift in this delightful set of Super Peaty Whiskeys. I have just come to the end of a hectic two weeks moving into a new home and found a lovely book to inspire me with, along with a tumbler of Port Charlotte. My taste buds are in xtc as I sit here and savour the delightfully delicate peaty sensation of this fine whiskey. It is a deceptive one, for albeit delicate it packs a punch like a martial arts master.

One is sufficient for this night but I have to say that the remaining five are winking at me like alluring sirens.
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago