Edmond Briottet Liqueur de Coquelicot (Poppy Liqueur) 70cl

French Liqueurs • 70cl • 18%
Product details
Edmond Briottet Liqueur de Coquelicot (Poppy Liqueur)
Country French Liqueurs
Distillery/Brand Edmond Briottet

Liqueur de Coquelicot

A cracking poppy liqueur (bet you've never tried this before!). Poppy drops are a French confectionery favourite. The confectionery Desserey is credited for making them a speciality of Nemours in 1872. Coquelicot is another corking liqueur from Edmond Briottet.

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Reviews for Edmond Briottet Liqueur de Coquelicot (Poppy Liqueur)
Grows on you as time go by
This is unique tasting liqueur which has a lovely fruity flavour. Tastes like vimto to me, that raspberry blackberry combination. It is rather nice and you get a liking for it over time.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
Subtle, unique and compelling
Purchased this out of sheer curiosity - what does a poppy liqueur taste like??? Strawberries is the apparent answer, to my palate. But very delicately. Wild, just ripe, green turning red strawberries maybe? The strawberry-ness is subtle and there is a note of poppy seed. Like all Briottet liqueurs it's very natural tasting, sweet but not overly. So interesting. There's nothing artificial about the flavour. Hard to find cocktail uses for it, tends to be used more in French desserts, but it's subtle, unique and quite compelling.
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
Can’t recommend this highly enough....used sparingly in a glass of fizz makes any old plain Prosecco into an amazing cocktail.
Steve J , United Kingdom
4 years ago
Not at all what I expected. This is reminiscent of some childhood confection I can't place, but whatever it's like, it's really good. Great acid-sugar balance, not sickly at all. Makes a great cocktail with sparkling wine - unusual and sherbetty.
BD , United Kingdom
7 years ago