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Wooden Moose Rum

Wooden Moose isn't your typical rum producer. In an industry that often prides itself on tradition and tried-and-tested flavour profiles, Wooden Moose takes a walk on the wild side, pushing boundaries and delighting palates with their innovative spins on spiced rum.

At the core of Wooden Moose's unique approach is their love affair with caramelisation. This age-old culinary technique, which transforms everyday ingredients into deeply aromatic, rich, and sweet delights, becomes the foundation for Wooden Moose's rum flavours. It’s evident that the mastery of caramelisation has elevated their spirits, imparting a deep, molten sweetness that’s as nostalgic as it is contemporary.

Take their Caramelised Banana and Peanut Butter Spiced Rum, for instance. The earthy richness of peanut butter collides beautifully with the sweet, tropical notes of banana, all amplified by the caramel undertones. It’s a dance of flavours that many wouldn’t associate with rum, but in Wooden Moose's adept hands, it’s a harmonious blend.

Their Caramelised Black Cherry rum is another testament to their prowess. The tartness of black cherries, married to the deep sweetness of caramelisation, creates a sip that's reminiscent of cherry pies fresh out of the oven.

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