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Viña Real Wine

Viña Real Winery is in Spain's Rioja region. It began in the early 20th century. The winery is known for its high-quality wines that reflect Rioja's essence and tradition.

The winery combines old winemaking methods with modern technology. It respects Rioja's history and old techniques. But it also uses new advancements to improve quality and efficiency.

The winery's location in the Rioja region is key to its success. The region has the right conditions for growing grapes. The soil is a mix of clay and limestone. This is good for growing grapes. The climate has warm days and cool nights. This helps the grapes mature steadily.

Viña Real mainly makes wines from the Tempranillo grape. This grape is typical of Rioja. It ages well and works with oak ageing. The winery also uses other local grapes. These include Garnacha, Graciano, and Mazuelo. They add complexity to the wines.

The winery has many oak barrels for ageing. They use American and French oak. This adds vanilla, spice, and toast flavours to the wines. The winery picks the best oak for its barrels.

The wines range from young and fresh to aged and complex. Each wine shows the winery's focus on Rioja's land and grapes. The Crianza is young and fruity. The Reserva and Gran Reserva show the ageing potential and complexity of Rioja wines.

The winery also focuses on the environment. It uses responsible practices in its vineyards. It tries to limit its impact on the ecosystem. The winery works to use less energy and water.

Viña Real promotes Rioja's culture and heritage. It is a popular spot for wine fans and tourists. It offers tours and tastings. The winery's modern design fits into the landscape. This shows its mix of tradition and new ideas.

The winery has won many awards. Critics and contests praise its wines. These awards recognise the winery's dedication to quality, innovation, and preserving Rioja's heritage.

Viña Real Winery is a leader in the Rioja wine region. It blends old and new ways, focuses on quality, and cares for the environment. Its wines show the essence of Rioja. They offer a taste of the region's flavours, smells, and history. Viña Real is set to keep Rioja's wine legacy alive for future generations.

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