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Lustau, established in 1896 by José Ruiz-Berdejo, is a distinguished name in the world of sherry and brandy, rooted in the rich winemaking tradition of Jerez de la Frontera in Spain. Starting as a modest family business, Lustau has evolved into an emblem of excellence, known for its commitment to traditional craftsmanship and innovative approaches in sherry and brandy production.

Lustau's range of sherries showcases the diversity and complexity inherent to this unique wine style. They offer everything from light and dry Finos and Manzanillas, which are aged under a layer of flor yeast, to the more complex Amontillados, which undergo both biological and oxidative ageing. Their Oloroso sherries are fully oxidatively aged, rich and full-bodied, while the rare Palo Cortado combines the qualities of Amontillado and Oloroso. For those with a sweeter palate, Lustau also produces Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel sherries, known for their luscious sweetness, making them perfect for desserts.

In addition to its renowned sherries, Lustau has also gained acclaim for its Solera Gran Reserva brandy. Crafted using the traditional solera system, where younger spirits are blended with older ones, Lustau's brandies are aged in American oak casks previously used for sherry. This method imparts distinctive flavours to the brandy, characterised by a rich, smooth texture and notes of dried fruits, spices, and a subtle oakiness. This Solera Gran Reserva range is a testament to the brand's expertise and innovation in spirit production.

Lustau's pioneering efforts in the sherry industry have led to a resurgence in the popularity of this traditional Spanish wine, earning them numerous awards and solidifying their position as a leading producer. Their innovative approach to both sherry and brandy production reflects a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, appealing to a wide range of palates and making Lustau a respected name in the global spirits market.

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