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Knightor Vermouth

Knightor Vermouth combines traditional methods with innovative craftsmanship. This vermouth is made in Cornwall, England. It blends fine botanicals and wines.

The company focuses on quality and authenticity. Each bottle shows the skill of its makers. The process starts with selecting base wines from Cornwall's vineyards. These wines set the stage for Knightor Vermouth's flavours.

The botanicals are a secret mix of herbs, spices, and botanicals. They are chosen for their quality and flavour. This blend is known only to a few, making each bottle unique.

The blending process is an art. The master distillers and blenders create a harmonious mix of flavours. The vermouth is rich, complex, and full of character. It's good on its own or in cocktails.

Knightor Vermouth also focuses on sustainability and responsible sourcing. They work to protect natural resources for the future.

Visitors to the distillery can learn about vermouth-making. They offer guided tours and tastings.

The company also makes barrel-aged vermouths. These are aged in oak barrels. This adds depth and complexity.

The vermouth is known for its quality and innovation. Their vermouths are popular with bartenders and mixologists. They are used in exceptional cocktails.

Knightor Vermouth is a blend of tradition and innovation. Their vermouths are known for their quality and complexity. They offer a taste of Cornwall and a look at vermouth-making. They are great neat or in cocktails.

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