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Helsinki Distilling Company

The Helsinki Distilling Company (HDC) is an urban distillery in Helsinki, Finland. It started in 2014. It was the first distillery in Helsinki in over a century. This marked a comeback in Finnish craft spirits. The distillery brought back distillation to the city after prohibition.

HDC is in Teurastamo, a historic area now known for food and culture. The building is part of Helsinki's industrial heritage. It blends historical charm with modern craft.

Helsinki Distilling Company makes a range of spirits. These include gin, whiskey, and liqueurs. The ingredients are Finnish. Their Helsinki Dry Gin is well-known. It has local botanicals like lingonberries, birch leaves, and sea buckthorn.

Whiskey-making is important at the distillery. They make the first Helsinki rye whiskey in decades. Rye is special in Finland. It's used in rye bread, a national food. This whiskey celebrates Finnish tradition.

HDC focuses on quality in distilling. They use both old and new methods. This ensures high-quality spirits. From choosing the best local ingredients to precise distilling, their commitment shows in every bottle.

The distillery is also innovative. They make limited editions and experimental spirits. They work with local producers like coffee roasters and chocolate makers. This creates unique Helsinki spirits.

Visitors can tour the Helsinki Distilling Company. They offer tastings and insights into spirit-making. The cocktail bar next door serves HDC spirits. This shows the distillery's role in the city's nightlife and culture.

Helsinki Distilling Company has won many international awards. These show their commitment to high-quality and innovative spirits. They push the limits of traditional distilling.

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