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Brave New Spirits Whisky

Founded in 2015, Brave New Spirits quickly became known for its fine Scotch whisky. Based in Scotland, they respect old traditions and craftsmanship. Their Cask Masters series celebrates each step of making single malt Scotch whisky. This includes barley cultivation and maturing in quality oak barrels in Scotland.

The Cask Masters series picks only top Scotch whiskies. Each bottle shows its origin, age, and flavour balance. The whiskies have unique labels, turning each bottle into art. This approach enhances whisky tasting, mixing tradition with artistic expression.

Brave New Spirits also has the Cask Noir Editions. These are independent Scotch whiskies inspired by movies and novels. An expert panel chooses each whisky based on taste. The range offers adventurous and mysterious flavours.

The brand has won many awards, including Gold for 'Thane of Fife' and Master for 'Ivy in Love'. These show the quality of their Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskies.

The 'Secret Agents' collection features whiskies from famous but unnamed distilleries. Each label has clues about the origin, inviting enthusiasts to guess the distillery.

They also offer the 'Whisky of Voodoo' range. These are small batches of single malt and grain whiskies, chosen by the Master of Ceremony. They are matured in fine casks, with details like age and region given, but not the distillery name.

The Yellow Edition range has single cask bottlings. These reflect Scotland's character and variety. They focus on famous casks for maturing Scotch whisky, like oak barrels from Spain, the USA, and France, used for sherry, bourbon, and wine. Each bottle gives key details like distillery, cask type, and production numbers.

Brave New Spirits is known for quality, interesting releases. They honour Scotch whisky's rich story and heritage.

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