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Aikan Whisky

Aikan Whisky Distillery is named from the Arawak word for "marriage". It is an innovative project that combines different continents, climates, and spirits. The distillery was founded in 2016 by Benoit Albanel, a whisky lover and avid traveller. Aikan is known for ageing whiskies in Martinique's tropical climate using rum barrels. This method creates smooth, gourmet whiskies that appeal to both whisky and rum fans.

Aikan gets its whiskies from Scotland and France. They first age in bourbon casks, then move to the Caribbean for further ageing. Thanks to a mix of international volunteering and entrepreneurship, Benoit is well suited to his new role.

Martinique's hot, humid climate is perfect for ageing whisky. The rum barrels used there give Aikan's whisky its unique taste.

Tropical ageing brings out strong aromas and complexity but also causes high evaporation, known as the "angels' share." Aikan's "Intense" whisky, aged in Grand Arôme rum casks, is a notable mix of rum and whisky flavours.

The distillery carefully chooses its casks. These include American and French oak barrels with different toasting methods. This ensures each barrel's distinct character.

Aikan's label art represents the merging of two continents, with Caribbean and European elements. Sustainability is also important to them. Reduction and bottling are done in France and eco-friendly transport is a key consideration.

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