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Spanish Flavoured Vodka

While vodka is not indigenous to Spain, the country's openness to global influences and its thriving tourism industry have made it a fertile ground for vodka's popularity and localisation. Initially, most of the vodka consumed in Spain was imported. However, the past few decades have seen local distilleries emerge, producing vodka that caters to the local palate known for its love of intense and diverse flavours.

Flavoured vodka in Spain started much like it did in other parts of the world - an effort to soften the potent spirit for the drinkers who found the taste of traditional vodka too harsh. By infusing vodka with a variety of flavours, distillers could offer a product that was more palatable and appealing to a broader audience.

Spanish Flavours, Global Spirit

What sets Spanish flavoured vodkas apart is their use of local ingredients in flavouring. Spain is a country with a rich agricultural tradition, offering a bounty of fruits, herbs, and spices that are used to infuse vodka. From the citrus groves of Valencia to the berry farms of Huelva, local flavours are at the heart of Spanish vodka, giving it a distinct character that speaks to both its origins and its international spirit base.

Common flavours include the citrusy notes of lemon and orange, which are a nod to Spain’s vast citrus orchards. Berries, particularly strawberries, are also popular, thanks to their sweetness and vibrant colour. Herbs like rosemary or thyme might also be used, reflecting the country's rich culinary tradition. More experimental flavours could include saffron, a spice integral to traditional Spanish cuisine, or even flavours inspired by popular local dishes or desserts.

Production Process

The production of flavoured vodka involves infusing vodka with various natural or artificial flavours. The process usually starts with the production of plain vodka - distilling fermented grain, potatoes, or sometimes grapes, followed by multiple rounds of filtration to achieve vodka's characteristic purity.

The flavouring process varies among distilleries. Some opt for steeping real fruits, herbs, or spices in the vodka, allowing time for the alcohol to absorb the flavours. Others may add natural or artificial flavour extracts to the vodka, achieving a more concentrated and consistent flavour profile. Regardless of the method, the goal is to create a balanced profile where the added flavours complement rather than overwhelm vodka's natural taste.

Notable Brands

In the burgeoning scene of Spanish flavoured vodkas, certain brands have managed to distinguish themselves. One such brand is Larios, traditionally known for its gins, but which has ventured successfully into the vodka market. Their citrus-flavoured vodkas are particularly popular, leveraging Spain’s reputation for high-quality citrus fruits.

Another brand worth noting is Xoriguer, which, while primarily celebrated for its gin, has produced flavoured vodkas that have been well-received in the local market. Their offerings often reflect local preferences and ingredients, providing a distinctly Spanish twist to this global spirit.

Market and Trends

The market for flavoured vodka in Spain, though younger than its counterparts in Northern Europe and America, is growing. It’s particularly popular among younger drinkers, who appreciate its smoother taste compared to traditional vodka. Flavoured vodka is also a hit in the country’s lively nightclub and bar scene, often served as shots, mixed drinks, or cocktail bases.

The future sees a trend towards more organic, naturally flavoured vodkas, with a growing demand for transparency in production processes and a preference for locally sourced ingredients. This move is in line with the global trend towards more conscious consumption, especially in the food and beverage industry.Flavoured vodka in Spain is a vibrant category of spirits that reflects the country's culinary diversity and its people's zest for life. It’s a unique interplay between the traditional and the modern, the local and the global. For spirit enthusiasts and curious drinkers alike, Spanish flavoured vodka offers a delightful journey through taste, one that speaks of the sun-drenched orchards, lush countryside, and the lively spirit of its people. As local producers continue to innovate and refine their offerings, flavoured vodka is poised to become an exciting and integral part of Spain's rich tapestry of alcoholic beverages.

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