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Kiwi Plain Vodka

When one thinks of New Zealand, images of pristine landscapes, rolling hills dotted with sheep, and the rugged beauty of the Southern Alps come to mind. Known for its world-class wines and burgeoning craft beer scene, this Pacific nation has now ventured into the realm of distilled spirits. Among these, plain vodka stands out, epitomising the purity and natural bounty of New Zealand.

A Land of Natural Richness

The foundation of any good vodka lies in its primary ingredients and the water used in its production. New Zealand, with its abundant natural springs, glacial rivers, and underground aquifers, provides an unparalleled source of pure, mineral-rich water. This serves as the backbone for the vodka, ensuring a smooth and clean profile.

Additionally, the fertile soils of New Zealand, nurtured by a temperate maritime climate, produce high-quality grains and potatoes, which are often used as the base for distillation. The result is a vodka that is both smooth and characterful, capturing the essence of the Kiwi terroir.

Craftsmanship and Distillation

New Zealand’s entry into the vodka market is marked by an emphasis on artisanal methods. Distilleries, often family-owned, bring a blend of traditional techniques and modern innovation to the table. The use of copper pot stills, column distillation, and multiple distillation processes ensures that the vodka is refined, with impurities eliminated, leaving behind a spirit of exceptional clarity and smoothness.

While some global vodka brands might focus on numerous filtrations to achieve neutrality, New Zealand distillers often allow the natural character of their primary ingredients to shine through, resulting in vodkas with subtle notes and nuances that reflect their origin.

Standout Vodkas from New Zealand

Several brands have come to the forefront, representing the best of New Zealand vodka:

Broken Shed Vodka: Hailing from the South Island, this vodka is crafted using water from the Southern Alps and a whey base, resulting in a silky-smooth vodka with a hint of sweetness.

Purangi Kiwi Vodka: Made in the Coromandel Peninsula, this vodka is distilled from kiwifruit, offering a unique take on the spirit with a faint fruity undertone.

Blue Duck Vodka: Originating from the untouched Urewera Rainforest, this vodka is seven times distilled and thrice filtered, using pure spring water, ensuring a crystal-clear spirit with a velvety mouthfeel.

The Global Stage

New Zealand vodkas, though relatively newcomers have started gaining recognition on the international stage. Their distinct character, combined with the story of New Zealand’s unspoiled beauty, has piqued the interest of connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. Competing against established brands from traditional vodka-producing nations, Kiwi vodkas have held their own, winning awards and finding a place on the shelves of premium liquor stores worldwide.

Serving New Zealand Vodka

The inherent quality and character of New Zealand vodka make it ideal for a range of servings. Whether enjoyed neat, where its subtle nuances can be truly appreciated, or as the base in a cocktail, where its smoothness shines through, this vodka is versatile. Classic cocktails like the Martini or the Moscow Mule take on a new dimension when made with Kiwi vodka.

New Zealand, with its commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation, has added another feather to its cap with its foray into vodka production. As more people across the globe discover this hidden gem, the narrative of New Zealand vodka is only set to grow. It's a tale of purity, of nature's bounty, and of a nation's dedication to crafting world-class spirits. In every sip of New Zealand vodka, one can taste the essence of the Pacific paradise.

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