Overeem Port Matured (Cask Strength) Whisky 70cl

Australian Whisky • 70cl • 60%
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Overeem Port Matured (Cask Strength)
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Country Australian Whisky
Distillery/Brand Overeem
Style Single Malt Whisky
Maturation Port Finish

Overeem Port Matured CS

Matured in a single Port cask that has been cut down into a quarter cask (100 litre), this intense Tasmanian single malt is full of dark juicy fruit and spice character and bottled at cask strength.

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Overeem Port Matured (Cask Strength)
First Class
The best whisky to come out of Australia - ever.!
Hank W , Australia
2 years ago
My first favourite Tasmanian.
Candy and nuts and burnt glace citrus fill the mouth like oil rolling into the crevices.
Barley sugar fades away.
Never turn this down!
toza t , Australia
7 years ago
Best Cask Strength I have ever tried, and I try to try a lot of them. Well done Tasmania, in my opinion, the best Whisky region of the World.
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago
No Wonder Jim Murray gave this a liquid gold award!
Nose: A very different aroma meets the nose than from the lower ABV version. This time around, it's cracked hard caramel, a touch of butterscotch sauce, roasted walnuts and freshly turned earth, alongside wafts of fresh pine smoke.

Palate: The higher strength brings an explosion of bold flavours: a distinct toasted nuttiness, some bitter dark chocolate , a touch of espresso coffee, liquorice root, flambeed orange peel and creme brulee topping. Think after dinner complexity, from that of an XO Cognac or Armagnac and you're in the same ballpark. With water, the perfume notes and a lighter orchard fruit note balance with the bolder flavours from above and you're left with something altogether exceptional.

Finish: Lingering notes of liquorice, orange zest and toasted malt.
Master of Malt Customer
10 years ago