Kyrö Juuri Unaged Rye 50cl

Finnish Spirit • 50cl • 46.3%
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Kyrö Juuri Unaged Rye
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Country Finnish Spirit
Distillery/Brand Kyrö Distillery Company
Style Rye Spirit

Kyrö Juuri Unaged Rye

Juuri is a small batch unaged rye spirit from the newly founded Kyrö Distillery in Isokyrö, Finland by the "Fearless Rye Rye Whisky Distillers". Jake says anyone making unaged rye in Finland is cool in his book, so these fearless distillers have made an impression on him already! Sweet and spicy on the nose, which grows and develops further on the palate with hints of liquorice, anise and spice rye bread.

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Reviews for Kyrö Juuri Unaged Rye
The worst spirit I ever tasted!
I saw the comersial for Juuri with the souna and thougth that this rye was something to test. Found the only bottle left in Sweden that happened to be at my lokal systembolag.

I thought that I should save it for a special occasion. I’m so happy I didn’t. This is the worst spirit I ever tasted. Even wors than some bad homebrew from my youth. I Tried to give it alway but got it back right away as the reciever thought the same as I. If I find it I might try your avarded gin, but no more rye ...ever!
Henrik B , Sweden
2 years ago
A lovely new make that shows a lot of promise.
How on Earth are people stupid enough to think this is whisky? It's a bloody new make and rather warrants being compared to a rye-based moonshine. Even the description on this page says "unaged rye spirit". Some people...

In regard to the stuff itself, it's bloody wonderful. A brilliant aroma and taste of rye without the usual strong burn of alcohol. Goes down smoothly by itself or in drinks, though that is a bit of a waste. I can't wait to see how aging will affect the spirit. If you people are lucky enough to run into Verso (Juuri that has been aged for 4 months in new small QA casks) you know what I'm talking about. Juuri gives a lot as it is and shows promise for even more.
Jussi K , Finland
7 years ago
Compare it with other ryes
I wonder what the reviewers who rated Juuri so badly were expecting? A tradional aged whisky with barrel flavor?

Gosh, this is an unaged rye and should be compared with traditional American rye mash or other unaged rye, which is usually very hard to find.
So for those who know how rye tastes like, Juuri is surprisingly smooth, the alcohol doesn't burn and the rye taste dominates. With 46% it is lower in alcohol than my other rye mashs, so that might contribute to the smoother style.

For me, this makes the best traditional Manhattan when combined with Dolin rouge or Byrrh. I like the old-school Manhattan in it's rawest version without the Whisky domination... And I like it when it's smooth and not so harsh as with some of the aged ryes. Juuri is close to perfect.
I don't give it 10 points because it's such a niche product, it needs a lot of TLC. For instance I tried it with other red vermouth (Mancino, Antica, Punt,...) and it just doesn't pop. But if you have the right vermouth and want something special, you might find it here.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
I almost died drinking this one . . .
Ok, it will be drinkable in 10 – 12 years ageing. .but now . .only 3 years . .its like mix of Moonshine and Kerosene . .
Are you interested to try almost unaged Whiskey . .this is something for you.
Eric , Sweden
8 years ago
Oh no.
Either the bottle I was given went bad, or this stuff is some breed of alcohol I've never tasted. Seriously, this stuff is horrid. I hope the aged stuff settles it down. Keep trying though!
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
strong, but gentle. No hard after kick. Just evaporates in the mouth. Godda love it. For that, a but dangerous as its still 46,3%
john , Finland
9 years ago
Really good!
I too was surprised at how smooth this tasted (At 46.3% no less!)
Went well as is and in cocktails - you could taste the rye but not the alcohol - be careful :D
Went back and bought another bottle (to keep) and am now waiting with real interest for the aged versions.
Mika H , Finland
9 years ago
Delightful surprise
For an unaged spirit, surprisingly smooth. Definite fruity notes on the nose and some spicyness along with malt on the palate. Can't wait to try the matured version!
Eerik L , Finland
9 years ago
Rye bread
I tasted Juuri with expectations of white dog - harshness and "puke". Unlike my expectation Juuri had a quite strong nose with dried fruits like raisins, dates and even peach. Incredible long and smooth but powerful taste with bread and malt. Worked really well in an OF. I wonder how this is gonna taste aged?
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago
Rye whisky?
really bad, does not taste good... like soap
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago