Sunset Very Strong Rum 70cl

St Vincentian Rum • 70cl • 84.5%
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Sunset Very Strong Rum
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Distillery/Brand St. Vincent Distillers Ltd
Bottler St Vincent Distillers Ltd
Style White Rum

Sunset Very Strong Rum

An extremely high strength rum from Saint Vincent. This is distilled from molasses in a column still.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Brown sugar, marzipan, coconut ice and stem ginger.

Palate Quite dry with more candied ginger at the fore. Hot cross buns with butter, tropical fruit.

Finish Very long, with hints of cocoa powder and grilled pineapple.

Winner of 3 spirit awards

Column Still Rum - 2020
World Rum Awards
World's Best Overproof Rum - 2016
World Rum Awards
Third Place
Third Place
World's Best Overproof Rum - 2014
World Rum Awards

Allergy information

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Sunset Very Strong Rum
Makes excellent Limoncello
In the reviews for this product there are many people who clearly have a drinking problem or are encouraging potentially deadly levels of drinking. This is not something that should be drunk neat and realistically probably shouldn't be put in a single mixed drink either. That said if you plan to make your own liqueurs then this is excellent. So far I have made Limoncello and apricot liqueur with it and both have been excellent. Remember to add sugar and water though.
Sam S , United Kingdom
3 months ago
Saint Vincent - Super strong rum
Great rum, used for making tinctures! Best one iv tried yet.
100% recommended
Josh morrison , United Kingdom
5 months ago
Glorious Sunset
Treat this rum with respect it really is very strong but the taste when mixed with your favourite mixer is sublime. The fact that you don't need to use as much makes it worth the price.
Jimmy D , United Kingdom
7 months ago
A truly excellent rum
This rum is highly recommended. You must treat it with respect of course due to its strength, but it is smooth & delicious. My favourite way of drinking it is with fresh lime and soda, but it also works wonderfully in fruit punches and with mixers such as Ginger Ale. It's my favourite white overproof rum!
Tim , United Kingdom
9 months ago
In one word WOW! I have to take this one easy as I drink it neat. Very tasty and a real warm glow as it hits the stomach. Fantastic.
M R Pittman , United Kingdom
11 months ago
Simply the best.
We have had 4 bottles in 14 months. I don't think I've ever had the same spirit as frequently! Which means that this is special.. Especially since I'm a bourbon drinker!
Exceptional rum. Cannot recommend enough.
Christopher L , United Kingdom
one year ago
ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! My preferred spirit is whisky, however, this rum is my new favourite. Yes, it burns like you've swallowed fire, but when mixed with a little water, it is so smooth and all the flavours come out. It's very moreish! The overwhelming flavour for me is chocolate, strangely. The effects are: a warm glow; spacey, rather than numbing intoxication; happiness and unawareness that you're getting intoxicated. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Minnie. , United Kingdom
one year ago
Simply the best rum I've ever had and I've had a go on a fair few over the years. There are some who drink it neat but while I do neck a tiny bit neat to get the flavour explosion from time to time I think my sinuses would be toasted if I did it on a regular basis.

Can't recommend it highly enough
Master of Malt Customer
one year ago
No1 world rum
Best rum ever. No need to mix. Drink neat then follow with water. Wray&nephew tastes like washing up liquid. Sunset is best in world and should be more recognised and rewarded
Just a drinker of fine s , United Kingdom
2 years ago
The best night you'll probably never remember
Used to drink this regularly with some lads from work...hands down the best rum you will ever drink. Be careful though, we used to say it was called sunset because the picture on the bottle is the last thing you see before it gets dark. Try it neat, shoot it, swig it from the bottle or mix it with tequila and Campari for a big red reset button.
Master of Malt Customer
2 years ago