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St. Vincent Distillers Ltd Rum

St. Vincent Distillers is in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It makes several types of rum. These include Sunset Rum, Sparrow's Rum, and Sunset Captain Bligh XO. Each rum has its own taste and features.

Sunset Rum

Sunset Rum is very strong. It is one of the strongest rums available. But it still has good flavour. It offers a robust taste. This is good for those who like a strong rum experience.

Sparrow's Rum

Sparrow's Rum is different. It is lighter and smoother. It suits those who like a more gentle rum. It is versatile. You can drink it neat or in cocktails. It is popular with both rum experts and casual drinkers.

Sunset Captain Bligh XO

Sunset Captain Bligh XO honours old rum-making methods. It ages for a long time. This adds depth, complexity, and smoothness. The aged rum is refined. It has a range of flavours. These include subtle sweetness and rich, woody notes. It is good for sipping.

St. Vincent Distillers' Approach

St. Vincent Distillers uses local ingredients. It follows traditional rum-making practices. This creates a range of rums that truly taste of the Caribbean. Each bottle captures the islands' spirit and flavour. The brand is simple and direct. It focuses on making good quality rum for different tastes and uses.

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