Valhalla Nordic Herbal Liqueur 50cl

Finnish Liqueurs • 50cl • 35%
Product details
Valhalla Nordic Herbal Liqueur
Country Finnish Liqueurs
Distillery/Brand Koskenkorva

Valhalla Nordic Liqueur

Herbal Liqueur from the Finnish folks behind Koskenkorva Vodka. Valhalla has been inspired by the strong, stoic character in Nordic people and even in their plants, which have to withstand dramatic variations in light and temperature. Valhalla (the liqueur, not the legendary land where fallen warriors go) is made using Nordic herbs, including angelica, wormwood and yarrow, resulting in a bold, powerful and proudly Nordic liqueur.

Winner of 1 spirit awards

Herbal - 2019
The Liqueur Masters (The Spirits Business)

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Reviews for Valhalla Nordic Herbal Liqueur
The Best!
Superb herbal liqueur. Far superior to that commercial stuff. Always good before bedtime too.
Mark H , United Kingdom
one year ago
Cold winter night,Perfect!
Makes Jagermeister the poor relation
Julie , United Kingdom
3 years ago
So good just on ice. I’m glad I have a Finnish connection to bring me a bottle.
So good. Just on ice. Best Friday chill ndrink
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
great for sore throats, and an overall relaxing feeling w/out having to consume a lot of alcohol
our son-n-law brought us a bottle back from Stockholm a couple days ago.I really like sipping it Ice COLD. Looking for cocktail recipes I can use w/Vahalla. We like it cause its different from the norm.
jennifer j , United States
4 years ago
Bought it in Iceland. Not a fan of spirits but this is nice. Very smooth, licorice taste. No strong alcoholic flavor. Thumbs up
Rob H , Netherlands
4 years ago
Try might like it...
I bought mine in Finland while staying with a Finnish friend who recommended it...and he was right...very right. It's delicious - VERY delicious!!!
Matt Batey , United Kingdom
4 years ago
Not bad at all
It makes me laugh when nuggets call herbal liquors 'jägermeister ripoff'..... There are a plethora of different types brewed all over Europe. Some blends are regional & have been handed down for generations. I enjoyed it, would probably buy again.
Spencer B , United Kingdom
4 years ago
Life blood
Think of Jager meister but better, a warming palletable drink to revive you for the winter battles in Valhalla!
Marcus , United Kingdom
5 years ago
i don't think wormwood is a Nordic herb you tell me
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
Love it
Just love the taste. Much more subtle than the Jagermeister. It is a bit sweet though, so you are note going to drink liters of it, but hopefully, that's not the idea. Greatly refreshing with an ice cube !
Florence B , France
6 years ago