Amaretto Disaronno Liqueur 50cl

Italian Liqueurs • 50cl • 28%
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Disaronno 50cl
Country Italian Liqueurs
Distillery/Brand Disaronno


Disaronno makes the world's most popular Amaretto liqueur. Despite the almond flavour, it is actually distilled from apricot stones! First created in 1525.

Disaronno is not a whiskey, in case you were wondering. It is an almond-flavoured amaretto liqueur with a sweet, nutty flavour. Here's the smaller 50cl bottle.

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Disaronno 50cl
Even people who hate alcohol love this!
I gave out miniatures of this drink years ago. Two of the people hardly ever drank alcohol because they found the taste 'off putting' and like aftershave (which I thought was a funny thing of someone to say because I am pretty sure they never drank aftershave to compare). Even these people loved this sweet drink which warms you up like a brandy. There is a very distinctive almond taste, and it is somewhat amazing that it doesn't have any nuts in it. I sometimes imagine Gene Hackman drinking this if that makes any difference to anyone. Highly recommended.
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
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I love this product
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11 years ago
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13 years ago