Country Italian Liqueurs
Distillery/Brand Bepi Tosolini

Bepi Tosolini Amaretto

Saliza Amaretto is a rich, tasty liqueur from the Italian producer Bepi Tosolini. Amaretto Saliza is made by macerating almonds in grape spirit. The almonds are then removed from the maceration, and spirit is also distilled through these. The two almond spirits are then blended and bottled.

Allergy information

Nuts Yes
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Reviews for Bepi Tosolini Saliza Amaretto
Fantastic stuff
Levels above Disaronno. Delicious.
James C , United Kingdom
10 months ago
The best!
love itt!! my fave to use for Amaretto sours and way better than Disaronno. more bars need to be using this one for sure.
Nazma B , United Kingdom
one year ago
Best Amaretto i've tried so far
Comparing this to the bog standard classic Disaronno Amaretto out of stores.

Alot more sweeter but definitely worth the small price hike you pay. Taste is smooth and the finish is perfect.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
One of the best Amaretto going
The taste of Tosolini Saliza Amaretto is so much better than other mainstream Amaretto. The taste is smooth and is pure luxury.
Definitely give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
Mr Nick J , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Absolutely yummy,my favourite amaretto
This is a really smooth amaretto that is even great to sip on its own, delicious.
Master of Malt Customer
6 years ago
The best
You will find a smoother liquor
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
Extraordinary revelation
Prepare to re-think amaretto with this stunning, luxurious amber delight. It is rich and heady with real almond intensity. Powerful yet elegant.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
This is Amaretto at its finest, why did I not discover this earlier in my life, never mind, at 74 I am making up for lost time. Try it, you will soon discover its addictiveness.
Marjorie W , United Kingdom
9 years ago
Absolibtly amazing!
Unlike most other main-steam amaretto brands, Saliza is made from real crushed almonds, and god can you taste the difference!
Once you've tried it, you won't go back!
Master of Malt Customer
11 years ago