Distillery/Brand G. Miclo

Marc de Gewurztraminer

Made in the heart of the Alsace by G Miclo, this Marc is distilled from the pomace of Gewurztraminer grapes (usually used to produce the sweeter wines of the Alsace, Austria and Germany).

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for G. Miclo Eau de Vie de Marc de Gewurztraminer
Try this even if you don't like EdVs or Grappa!
I am already familiar with this EdV and have carried it as an essential part of my spirits and liqueurs shelves at home after first discovering it in the 1980s at Joyce Molyneaux's incomparable restaurant 'The Carved Angel' in Dartmouth.

Gewurtztraminer, and especially those from Alsace, as a grape variety is one of my favourites when it comes to wine, and a distillate such as this Marc absolutely zings of the grape. A wonderful full mouth flavour - perfumed and echoing all the usual key notes from its wine such as lychee and Turkish Delight.

I have 11 different EdVs from Alsace alone and this stands heads and above from all the other usual ones you may come across when fine dining - I would say only the comparatively rare Baie de Houx (Holly Berry) comes close to this
Derek Paul K , United Kingdom
one year ago
Looking to buy...
What store in Andorra sells Marc de Gewurztraminer?
Robert W , Andorra
4 years ago