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G. Miclo

G. Miclo is a well-known distillery in Lapoutroie, Alsace, France. It's famous for its traditional distillation methods and exceptional eaux-de-vie, French fruit brandies. Gilbert Miclo started the distillery in 1962. Since then, it has made high-quality spirits.

Gilbert Miclo was a wine and eau-de-vie merchant. He started his distillery to make superior eaux-de-vie from Alsace fruits. This region is known for its variety of fruits. His passion for quality and craftsmanship has always guided the distillery.

G. Miclo is known for its careful production process. They select high-quality, ripe fruits for their eaux-de-vie. The distillation uses traditional pot stills. This allows precise control and results in pure, fruit-rich eaux-de-vie.

The range of products at G. Miclo is wide. It includes single-fruit eaux-de-vie like pear, plum, and raspberry. They also have unique ones like rosehip and hollyberry. Their aged eaux-de-vie mature in oak barrels, gaining depth and smoothness.

The brand also makes liqueurs, creams, and gins. They focus on quality in these products too. Their Coeur de Chauffe range is especially praised. It captures the "heart" of the distillation, which is the purest part.

The distillery has won many awards. Its spirits are popular with experts and casual drinkers. Chefs and bartenders use them to add flavour to food and drinks.

G. Miclo is still run by the Miclo family. They stay true to their roots and heritage. This commitment to tradition and quality makes G. Miclo a respected name in artisanal spirits.

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