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York Gin

As ancient as the city from which it draws its name, York Gin embodies the rich tapestry of York's history, blending tradition with innovation in every bottle. It's not just a spirit—it's a historical narrative distilled into liquid form, inviting aficionados to savour the essence of one of England's most iconic cities.

Nestled in the heart of the city of York, the York Gin Company is a modern reflection of centuries-old gin traditions. The distillery pays homage to York's Roman and Viking heritage, intertwining it with the contemporary craft of distillation. Every label, every ingredient, and every name is meticulously chosen to resonate with the stories and legends of old York.

York Gin Classic: This is where tradition meets modern distilling artistry. The Classic is a juniper-forward London Dry gin, with botanicals like cinnamon, black pepper, and citrus peel harmonising to create a well-rounded and smooth flavour profile.

York Gin Roman Fruit: An ode to the city's Roman roots, this gin is an infusion of traditional botanicals with a medley of berries, apples, and hibiscus. It's a sweet and tangy journey back to ancient Rome.

York Gin Grey Lady: Inspired by York's ghostly legends, this gin is a blend of lavender, rose, and citrus. It's a hauntingly beautiful concoction reminiscent of the city's spectral tales.

York Gin Outlaw: Pushing the boundaries of strength and flavour, the Outlaw is a Navy Strength gin, robust and intense. It celebrates York's rebellious streak, echoing tales of the city's outlaws and adventurers.

Beyond their commitment to flavour and quality, the York Gin Company places a significant emphasis on sustainability. From their eco-friendly distillation processes to the use of 100% recyclable packaging, the brand is devoted to minimising its carbon footprint, ensuring that the historic city's legacy remains untarnished for future generations.

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