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Wild Island Gin

Colonsay, an enchanting isle nestled amidst the Hebridean archipelago, possesses an untamed beauty and rich history that inspires many, including those behind Wild Island Gin. The island's raw, elemental landscapes, teeming with unique botanicals, provide the perfect canvas for crafting a gin that encapsulates its wild essence.

Wild Island Gin is a testament to the fusion of traditional gin-making techniques with the unique botanicals native to Colonsay. Foraged from the island's windswept shores, wooded areas, and hidden meadows, these botanicals imbue the gin with distinctive flavours that speak of its maritime home. Sea buckthorn, lemon balm, wild water mint, and heather flowers are just some of the local ingredients that blend seamlessly with classic gin botanicals, resulting in a spirit that is both familiar and intriguingly different.

The distillation process used by Wild Island is a meticulous one. Each botanical is treated with care to ensure that its essence is captured fully, resulting in a gin that is complex, layered, and profoundly tied to its place of origin. Every sip transports the drinker to Colonsay – letting them experience its rugged coasts, verdant landscapes, and the gentle touch of the Atlantic breeze.

Furthermore, the brand's commitment goes beyond crafting quality gin. It extends to championing the island's natural beauty, and there's a palpable respect for the land and sea that generously provide the ingredients. Sustainability, reverence for nature, and a dedication to authenticity are cornerstones of their philosophy.

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