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Villa Crespia Sparkling Wine

Villa Crespia is a well-known winery in Lombardy's Franciacorta wine region, Italy. The Muratori family established it in the early 1990s. Since then, it has become known for producing outstanding Franciacorta wines. These wines are famous for their terroir traits and refined elegance.

The Terroir

The vineyards of Villa Crespia are in Franciacorta's ideal microclimate. The region has the perfect climate and soil mix for sparkling wine production. Lake Iseo's mild climate and the diverse soil help the vines. They grow in clayey-sandy and morainic soils. This gives the wines a blend of minerality and vitality. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes thrive here. They are key to Franciacorta wine.

Franciacorta Sparkling Wine

Franciacorta is known worldwide for its méthode champenoise sparkling wines. Villa Crespia makes its wines using the local “metodo classico”. This involves a second fermentation in the bottle. This adds complexity, texture, and aromatic depth to the wines. Villa Crespia honours tradition and terroir. It produces wines that reflect Franciacorta's heritage and innovation.

The Wines of Villa Crespia

Villa Crespia’s range includes various sparkling wines. Each wine tells a story of the terroir and the winery's craftsmanship. "Novalia" is a Brut. It has minerality and crispness. It reflects the land's gentle slopes and climate. The "Brolese" Rosé Extra Brut, mainly from Pinot Noir, shows structured elegance and fruity complexity.

"Millesimato" wines include "Franciacorta Riserva Vigna Santella del Grom" and “NumeroZero”. They reflect the unique characteristics of each vintage. These wines often age longer. This lets the autolytic characters blend into the wines. They create bubbles with fruity, floral, and bready notes.


The winery is committed to sustainability. It nurtures and protects the vines, soils, and environment. It focuses on biodiversity and reducing chemicals. It harmonises viticultural practices with nature. This makes the wines expressions of the terroir and eco-friendly.

Food Pairings

The wines pair well with food. They have structured palates and deep aromas. They suit a range of dishes, from light aperitivos to rich main courses and desserts. The wines complement and contrast with food to enhance the dining experience.

While based in Franciacorta, Villa Crespia’s wines are known globally. They are ambassadors of Franciacorta's sparkling wine heritage. The winery collaborates, exports, and joins international events. This introduces the world to Franciacorta's finesse and vitality.

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