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Unconventional Distillery

The Unconventional Distillery is aptly named, heralding a new age of spirit production in the heart of Lincoln. Instead of adhering strictly to traditional methods, this distillery marries time-honoured practices with innovative techniques, and the result is a range of spirits that are both distinctive and refreshingly different.

Situated in Lincoln, a city with a rich history that dates back to the Roman times, The Unconventional Distillery is surrounded by centuries of tradition. Yet, it has carved out its own niche, ensuring that every bottle it produces challenges the norm and provides a unique drinking experience.

While many distilleries are focused on perfecting a singular type of spirit, The Unconventional Distillery's approach is more eclectic. They are not bound by the constraints of tradition, allowing them to experiment freely with flavours, techniques, and ingredients. This innovative mindset ensures that they are always on the cutting edge of the spirits world, continuously pushing boundaries and surprising even the most seasoned of palates.

Despite their contemporary approach, there is a deep respect for the craft at The Unconventional Distillery. Every batch is meticulously crafted, ensuring a high standard of quality and consistency. Their spirits are a reflection of their ethos: bold, daring, and unapologetically different.

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