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Tide's Fortune Gin

Tide’s Fortune Essex Dry Gin is an artisanal spirit meticulously crafted in small batches. It boasts a harmonious blend of traditional botanicals, with whole juniper berries at its heart, enhanced by the finest local coastal botanicals. The inclusion of Sea Buckthorn infuses a sharp, citrus flavour, while the locally foraged Sea Purslane encapsulates a distinct maritime essence, rendering a gin that is both sophisticated and evocative of its coastal roots.

The gin presents a mature character, appealing particularly to connoisseurs. It commences with a fragrant juniper aroma, reminiscent of the classic London Dry Gin, yet distinguishes itself with the coastal notes of Sea Buckthorn and Sea Purslane. This composition results in a refined citrus sharpness, transitioning to a comforting warmth of anise, and concludes with a persistent smoky aftertaste.

For an optimal serving, Tide’s Fortune advocates simplicity. While the gin is excellent unaccompanied, it is also versatile in companionship. For those unaccustomed to neat gin, an introduction with just a touch of ice and a lemon sliver is recommended. This method accentuates the Sea Buckthorn’s tanginess, prolonging the citrus burst, followed by a smoky warmth.

For enthusiasts of Gin and Tonic, the journey begins with a splash of premium tonic, gradually increasing until the ideal balance is struck. Merchant’s Heart Tonic is particularly favoured for its ability to enhance the gin's intrinsic flavours without overshadowing them, ensuring a harmonious blend that resonates with the spirit's unique character.

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