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The Henley Distillery

Henley Gin stands for artisanal skill. It is made in 300-litre copper alembic stills named 'Tony & Mac.' These stills are heated by open flames. This gives Jacob, the creator, close control over each small batch. His method is traditional. He avoids chill-filtering, chooses by taste, and carefully crafts each bottle.

This attention to detail results in a pure gin. Henley Gin only uses the best part of each distillation. Jacob also uses his skills for other brands in the UK. He makes well-known spirits under contract.

The gin has won many awards. These are for its own products and for white-label ones. The awards show the high quality and the team's commitment.

The Henley Distillery makes more than gin. Their Temple Island Coffee Rum is a rich choice for after dinner. It has coffee beans, cacao nibs, and vanilla beans. The Henley Rhubarb & Orange has zesty orange and tart rhubarb. Their Spiced Rum has cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper. Their Classic Dry Gin has lemongrass, tonka bean, and peppercorns for a refreshing taste. Their white rum is creamy with vanilla. Their Oriental Spiced Gin, inspired by the Silk Road, has cubeb, ginger, and lemon.

The company is all about the spirit of artisanal drinks. It invites drinkers to enjoy a sensory journey with each sip. Whether it's their classic gin or a rum cocktail, Henley is more than just a drink. It's an experience.

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