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Tequila Komos

Tequila Komos was created to celebrate life's big and small moments. It aims to offer the most tantalising tequila ever. This ambition combines global inspiration with Mexican tradition. Komos is known for its dedication to flavour, uniqueness, and quality.

Their collection includes four types of tequila: Reposado Rosa, Añejo Cristalino, Añejo Reserva, and Extra Añejo. Tasting Panel Magazine highly rates Komos. They even gave it a perfect 100-point rating. Komos is available in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. It is the main product of its parent company, CKBG (Casa Komos Brands Group).

Innovation drives Komos. They use Mediterranean winemaking techniques. The base, Blanco, comes from Tequila's highlands and lowlands. Traditional ovens roast the agave. Native yeast ferments it, followed by double distillation in pot stills.

The Extra Añejo matures for at least three years. It combines American and French oak for a complex flavour. The Reposado Rosa starts with the Blanco base. It ages in French oak red wine barrels for 65 days. This gives it a rosy colour like French Rosé.

Komos uses top French oak wine barrels from Napa and Sonoma Valley. This choice creates a rich and elegant taste.

The Añejo Cristalino ages in French oak white wine barrels for a year. It avoids the usual American Bourbon barrels. After ageing, charcoal filtration removes impurities. This keeps the luxurious notes from the barrels, making a smooth Añejo Cristalino.

Before bottling, the tequila rests and aerates. This softens and rounds its taste. The Añejo Reserva matures for 12 months in French oak wine, Bourbon, and Sherry barrels. It has rich chocolate and fruity notes.

Komos's craftsmanship extends to its packaging. The award-winning bottles are unique. Each is hand-dipped in a reactive glaze and transformed in the oven. These bottles are meant to be kept and recycled.

Tequila Komos is more than a drink. It offers a symphony of flavours. It shows a commitment to tradition and innovation in tequila-making. It's a delight for connoisseurs.

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